Guizhou Cuisine
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Guizhou cuisine is one of the main dish families in China, with more than 250 popular dishes all spicy and hot. Dishes of Qian cuisine are not only purely spicy and hot but also delicious and tasty.  With the bright colour and beautiful shapes, Dishes of Qian cuisine are also regarded as the fine works of art for appreciation.  You can taste every Qian flavour dish in Guiyang.

People in Guiyang used to enjoy their life. They can prepare delicious food with chili. So the flavor of the food there is spicy and hot, which is similar to the Sichuan cuisine. If you walk in the street of Guiyang, the capital city in Guizhou, you can have a taste of various kinds of special delicious food and feel relaxed everywhere.

Here we just giving a brief introduction of a small part of them.

Sour Fish Soup

A typical local dish of bone soup cooked with hot pepper, soybean sprout, fish chicken, taro, bean curd and vegetables. The scarlet soup is very appetising.

Chang wang noodles

As the favourite breakfast for people in Guiyang, Changwang Noodles are made of noodles with eggs. After being boiled in water, scooped up and put into the chicken soup, the noodles are decorated with some pieces of cooked pig intestines, blood curd, crisp pork dices and hot pepper oil on the top. Thus the noodles look so colourful with bright red soup, yolk-yellow noodles, white intestines, tender green scallion and fresh bean sprouts. It has a lingering taste with the fried diced meat crisp and savoring, the intestines and blood curd soft and tender, the soup very delicious and tasty, but not too hot nor oily.

Lei Family Bean-Curd Balls

Bean Curd Balls is a kind of time honoured flavour snack in Guiyang. Created by the Leis in 1947, it should also called the Leis Bean Curd Balls.

The fried balls are crisp and brownish outside and tender and soft inside. Having it together with the sauce of hot pepper powder, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, pepper powder, gourmet powder, chopped green scallion,etc. You will find it hot, tender, crisp, smooth, tasty and appetising.

Spicy chicken

A popular New Year dish in Guiyang. The chicken is dehydrated over a low heat, then seasoned with salt, soy sauce , sweet bean sauce, ginger, onion and garlic.


"Love"Bean Curd 

As one of the popular snacks in Guiyang, Love Bean Curd is a small piece of bean curd roasted on an oiled iron sheet or wire mesh over chaff fire. When roasted brownish and oily, it is cut open and stuffed in the sauce of hot pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, gourment powder, chopped green scallion, garlic and ginger. Eat it hot, and you will find it tender, tasty and delicious.

Zhe'ergen Dishes

Zhe'ergen is a fragrant wild vegetable rich in protein and carbohydrates, beneficial for dissolving toxins in the body. It can be eaten as a cold mixed dish, or fried with shredded meat.


Rice Jelly

A cool summer dish Rice jelly, made with the newly harvested rice, is cut into two or three-inch pieces Chopped onions, shredded ginger and garlic, soybean,  pickled turnip, soy sauce and red pepper oil are added. It is made from the first-class rice. Being soaked and grounded, it is boiled into paste and put into a basin. After cooled and cut into strips and mixed with soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, Chinese prickle ash oil and hot pepper oil, the dish is ready. With bright colour, sour and hot taste, it is favoured by most people.

Pianji(Stewed Chicken slice) Noodles

It is one of the popular local snacks in Guiyang. After heated in the boiled water, the fresh noodles made from rice is put into a bowl with the prepared chicken soup and decorated with sliced chicken, hot pepper powder, chopped green scallion and gourmet powder. Thus, Pianji Nooldles are ready to eat, with soft sliced chicken, white and tender rice noodles, clear chicken soup and delicious taste.

Rice Cake with Gruel

It is composed of rice cake and gruel, which is made in a special way: Boil a kettle of water over the fire and put an exquisite round wooden box which has a hole as big as an egg on the kettle. Stuff the wet glutinous rice flour and common rice flour, mixed according to a certain proportion, into the wooden box. Having been steamed for a while, a small but delicate and exquisite rice cake is made ready. A spoon of water chestnut is stirred thoroughly in bowl with a little bit of cold water before boiling water is poured to make it into thick gruel. Putting the steamed, white and soft rice cake into the gruel and pounding the cake to pieces, dressing on some sugar, roasted sesame, pounded walnut, brown sugar and sugar curing rose, candied and preserved fruits, a bowl of rice cake with gruel is thus made after you stir it softly. It looks very colorful and attractive and tastes sweet and delicious.


It receives its name because various kinds of "Shreds" are wrapped up within a piece of small thin pancake, about 7cm in diameter. Put a handful of shreds of kelp, radish, bean sprouts, preserved cabbage, fried soybeans,etc. in it. Then the cake is rolled up and put in some sauce. Putting the roll into the mouth, you will find it a little bit hot, crisp, sour and tasty.


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