Sister City Cultivation

The year 2011 is the 30th anniversary of the founding of sister-city relationships between Chengdu and Ljubljana, as well as the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Slovenia. With the improvement of China-Slovenia relationship, CRI Online presents "Chengdu-Ljubljana: Sister City Cultivation" on May 27th in the historic city of Chengdu to facilitate communication and enhance long-lasting friendship between the governments and people of the two countries. This is a program for sister-city online communication, in which mayors of the two cites and related guests are invited to talk about friendship, cooperation, city development, and especially about experience in developing and inheriting culture as well as building livable cities.

Hosted by China Radio International and undertaken by CRI Online, "Sister City Cultivation" is a series of online communication activities for sister cities. CRI is immensely devoted to producing this program, which is aimed at improving foreign publicity. Through online voice and video communication involving mayors of sister cities, celebrities and common Internet users, it focuses on the beauty of multi-culture, which is shown in the economic development of Chinese and foreign cities, urban cultures and daily life. It also intends to improve cultural communication between China and foreign countries, publicize local governments and enhance global cooperation. Furthermore, through "Sister City Cultivation", CRI wishes to create a channel for high-end authorities to communicate with each other.

Chengdu Guest: Qiu Haiming

Director of Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office

Li Sha
CRI Interpreter.
Zhou Jingnan
CRI Interpreter.

Ljubljana Guest: Roman Jakic

Chair of Ljubljana International Relations Committee

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Overseas Survey
Chengdu, also known as the Brocade City or the City of Hibiscus, lies in the center of Southwest China's Sichuan Province. The fertile Chengdu Plain, on which Chengdu is located, is also known as "the country of heaven", or more often translated as "the Land of Abundance". [More]

Ljubljana, capital of the Republic of Slovenia, is a historic city. It is the political, economic and cultural center of the country. The city is situated in central Slovenia, at the foot of the Alps and on the bank of the Sava River. Surrounded by mountains, its view is picturesque. [More]


Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia. It became the sister city of Chengdu in 1981 and has maintained a friendly relationship with Chengdu ever since. There have been many exchange activities between the two cities during recent years:

The Slovenian Blood Transfusion Center has cooperated with Chengdu Blood Center in the cultivation of stem cells, but due to the limitation of the market in Chengdu, the project was suspended.

Since 2002, Ljubljana has provided eight quotas for EMBA and GMA scholarships for Chengdu. Meanwhile, it has sent ten students to study Chinese at Chengdu University. [More] 

Similarities & Differences

Chengdu and Ljubljana, situated in the basin of upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the Sava River respectively, are famous cultural cities and travel destinations in Asia and Europe. Moreover, both cities are perfect for living and doing business.

Nevertheless, the two still differ in many aspects. Chengdu is heavily populated while Ljubljana does not have a large population. Chengdu inherits the traditional oriental culture while Ljubljana is more typical of western culture. Chengdu people like drinking tea and chatting while cafes in Ljubljana are open all night long.

Are there any more similarities or differences? Let's hear from the guests.

Livable Cities
Chengdu was ranked one of the 10 Most Livable Cities in China in 2010. Globally, Ljubljana in recent years has remained on the list of top ten happiest cities in the world. Both cities orient themselves in the direction of livable cities. How come two cities with distinct oriental and western cultures end up having the same ideas for development? Economic development inevitably puts environmental protection at stake. So how do Chengdu and Ljubljana strike the balance between the two? Knowing how to develop cities while ensuring environmental protection has always been a complicated task for the whole world. Now let's hear some answers from the mayors of the two cities, one from Asia and the other from Europe.
Cultural Heritage & Development

Chengdu in the east and Ljubljana in the west are cultural cities both having a thousand years of history. During the process of a city's development, there invariably come conflicts between development and cultural inheritance. As the pace of modernization quickens, traditional cultural heritage is under greater pressure. How do you strike the balance between urban development and heritage protection? The Declaration of Chengdu, enacted in May 2007, made an appeal to the global community and governments of various countries to pay attention to the protection of intangible cultural heritage.

What measures have the two cities taken to protect and inherit traditional culture? What is the most valuable experience Ljubljana has to share with Chengdu? In what aspect can Ljubljana learn from Chengdu?

As the saying of Confucius goes, it is always a pleasure to greet a friend from afar. Staff producing this program "Sister City Cultivation", a series of online dialogues between Chinese cities and their foreign counterparts, set aside time for exchanging gifts. Local and foreign guests will share with each other gifts that best represent their unique cultures. So let's see what gifts they will bring.
Photo Gallery

Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Jankovic Signs for the Activity

CRI Interpreters

Preparations before the Live Video Broadcast

Sister City Cultivation: Chengdu & Ljubljana

Sister City Cultivation: Chengdu & Ljubljana

CRI Interviews Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Jankovic

Qiu Haiming Signs for the Activity

Roman Jakic Signs for the Activity

Qiu Haiming and Roman Jakic

Guests with CRI Staffs

Shop Assistant on Jinli Old Street

Pottery from Jinsha Ruins

Autumn in Tivoli Gardens

Carnival Performances

Overlook from Ljubljana Castle