第三届国际汉语教师培养论坛在京开幕 "The Third Forum on the Nurture of International Chinese Teachers" Held in BJ
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① 主题 名词 theme
② 学者 名词 scholar
③ 挑战 名词 challenge
④ 同时 副词 meanwhile
⑤ 交流 动词 communicate
⑥ 优势 名词 advantage
⑦ 筹备 名词 preparation
⑧ 平台 名词 platform


"The Third Forum on the Nurturing of International Chinese Teachers" was held in Beijing on July 12th. The theme of the forum is "multi-variation, innovation, reflection." Focusing on the nurturing of international Chinese teachers, this forum was more pioneering, and of a higher level than the previous two sessions and also featured more initiatives.

The forum receives more than 130 high quality abstract submissions from universities, middle and elementary schools, social training organizations, publishing houses from China and foreign countries such as the U.S., Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Britain, and so on.

Continuing in the vein of "building the platform for communication, sharing thoughts, resources and achievements," seven scholars from various research areas were invited to carry out thematic reports, among these, professor Liu Lening from Columbia University suggested schemes for solving international Chinese teachers' training problems in relation to education and training. Professor Cui Yonghua debated on problems of teachers' characters, pressures and challenges, the professional knowledge and capability that a teacher needs to be equipped with, the professional level they need to reach and its evaluation standard; Ji Xin, the deputy director of the Credit Bank Administration of the Open University of China (OUC) raised thoughts on making use of a "credit bank" to enhance international Chinese development.

Famous scholars from top Chinese and foreign universities assembled at the forum. A committee of specialists is to embark on high level and forward-thinking academic discussion and research. Meanwhile, the forum also pays attention to international Chinese teacher's education problems. In particular, it provides "support for young teachers attending the meeting," and offers the "Excellent Paper Award for Students" and "Excellent Tutor Award" to encourage young scholars to communicate.

Supported by modern technology, OUC is an open university that pays close attention to nationwide study and life-long study. Thanks to its technological advantages, the OUC has built MyEChinese, a teaching platform for distance Chinese learning. It provides various distance teaching resources, teacher's training and support service for Chinese learners, teachers and educational organizations all over the world. The technology advantage has also helped preparations and the opening up of the forum, such as live video broadcasts, live audio broadcast, interaction through microblogs, long-distance conferences, submitting papers online, reviewing papers online, etc. This has provided a platform for people who are concerned with teachers' nurture.


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