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Floods Kill 32, Injure 30 in Colombia
    2006-03-25 10:58:35      Xinhua

Floods in Colombia have killed 32 people and injured 30 others in five provinces, leaving hundreds of people homeless, the chief of the government's disaster prevention office said Friday.

The floods, which have lasted several days, hit the provinces of Antioquia, Tolima, Risaralda, Caldas and Narino, Eduardo Jose Gonzalez told reporters.

In Pereira, capital of the eastern province of Risaralda, three homes were washed away by floods, and the main road to Armenia, capital of Quindio province, was made impassable.

Rescue services declared a state of alert on Thursday in Manizales, capital of Caldas Department. In Bogota, the Aqueduct Company started an operation to clean rivers to reduce the congestion caused by the heavy rain.

The nation's Hydrology and Meteorology Agency said that heavy rain would continue in the Andean, Pacific, Eastern LLanos and Amazon regions. Colombia has two rainy seasons.

The first has arrived early this year and might last until June. The second usually lasts from August until November, but in 2005, it rained until December, killing 94 people and leaving nearly half a million people homeless.

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