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China blames Japan for warplane encounter over East China Sea

The Chinese government is pinning the blame on Japan for a close encounter between Chinese and Japanese military planes over East China Sea earlier this week.
The Chinese Defense Ministry says two Japanese fighter jets came within 30-meters of a Chinese military plane running patrols in the Air Defense Identification Zone.
The Chinese side says the incident seriously threatened the safety of the Chinese aircraft.
The Japanese government has denied its fighters came near the Chinese jet.
Japan is also trying to shift the blame for the incident on China.


Chinese Premier visits UK, Greece to deepen cooperations

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is set to make his way to Britain and Greece for a pair of official visits next week.
Vice-foreign minister Wang Chao says Li Keqiang's forthcoming trip should help establish a new direction for cooperation between China and the UK.
Chinese vice Commerce Minister Gao Yan also says the trip should help solidify Britian's move toward becoming a major hub for the movement of the Renminbi.
As for the 2nd leg of Li Keqiang's trip to Greece, business dealings will also be high on the agenda.

China, Republic of Congo pledge closer cooperation

Chinese President Xi Jinping has met with his Republic of Congo counterpart Denis Sassou Nguesso here in Beijing.
The two have also overseen the signing of a number of agreements connected to trade, infrastructure construction, finance and culture.
This year marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries.


UNESCO accepts China's "comfort women" application

China says UNESCO has accepted its application to register records of the 1937 Nanjing Massacre and Japan's use of 'comfort women' to its Memory of the World Register.
The application has been accepted, despite strong opposition from Japan.
The materials submitted in the application include a series of documents, photos and first-hand accounts of survivors of the Nanjing Massacre.
The documents also include accounts of how the Japanese military conscripted so-called 'comfort women,' which is a euphimism for sexual slaves.
UNESCO's Memory of the World Register was created in 1997 as a way to preserve historical documentation.


Mainland's Taiwan affairs chief to visit Taiwan

In another sign of cross-strait reproachment, it's been announced the head of the mainland's Taiwan Affairs office is going to travel to the island later on this month.
Zhang Zhijun's visit will be the first time a mainland official of his rank will visit Taiwan.
Zhang is due to spend 4-days on Taiwan, making stops in a number of different cities.
The trip is a reciprocal visit, after Zhang's Taiwan counterpart, Wang Yu-chi, travelled here to the mainland in February.


Obama says all options possible in support of Iraqi gov't

U.S. President Barack Obama says he's not going to "rule out anything" in his support of the Iraqi government to deal with the Islamist overrun of northern Iraq.
In making the statement, Obama says the US government "has a stake" in ensuring the insurgents are not getting a foothold in either Iraq or Syria.
The northern Iraqi city of Mosul, which has been taken over by members of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, is a gateway to Syria.
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has reportedly requested US airstrikes against staging areas for the insurgents.


Gas leak at state-owned steel plant kills 5, injures 40 in central India

At least 5-people are dead following a gas leak in central India.
Over 40 others have been hospitalized after inhaling poisonous gas at a steel plant in the central Indian state of Chhatisgarh.
34 of them are said to be in serious condition.
A pipe exploded inside the plant, sending noxious fumes blasting through the facility.
The incident comes just half-a-year before the 30th anniversary of the deadly gas leak at the Union Carbide plant in the same region, which left nearly 4-thousand people dead.


Singapore police arrests two suspects in connection with body in suitcase

Police in Singapore have made arrests in a murder case, which has shocked the city-state.
Two Pakistani men are in custody on suspicion of murdering a 59-year-old Pakistani man.
The victims body was discovered on Wednesday stuffed in a suitcase with its legs chopped off.
The police in Singapore were alerted to the body, after someone noticed a man carrying the suitcase with blood dripping out of it.
The suspects are due to make their first appearance in court tomorrow.


China's career platform Zhaopin makes public debut on NYSE

Zhaopin.com has made its debut on the New York Stock Exchange.
Zhaopin's nearly 76-million US dollar offering has started out well.
The company closed out its trading day at 14-dollars-65 cents a share.
Its initial offering was set at 13-dollars-50-cents.
It opened the trading day in New York at 14-dollars-61-cents.
Zhaopin.com is a Beijing-based online recruitment platform.


Alibaba, China Post in logistics tie-up

Alibaba has signed a new deal with China Post.
As part of the agreement, Alibaba and the state-run postal service will share warehouses, processing centers and delivery resources.
The goal for Alibaba is to reach out to the rural areas of China, where China Post still has a stronger footprint than privately-run logistics companies.
Terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.




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