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Police identify Urumqi attack suspects

Police have identified five suspects who took part in a terrorist attack on Thursday that killed 39 innocent people and injured another 94.
Four of the suspects died in the bomb attack and their DNA have been identified. Another one was caught by police on Thursday night in Bayingolin Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture.
Police say the five suspects had long been influenced by the religious extremism. They took part in illegal religious activities, watched and listened to terrorist violence video and audio materials.
They formed a five-member terrorist gang at the end of 2013.
Thursday's attack is the worst attack in five years in the far western region after riots on July 5, 2009 in the regional capital claimed 197 lives and injured more than 1,700.


Xinjiang starts campaign against terror

A one-year campaign against terrorist violence in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region got underway on Friday.
The region saw its bloodiest day in five years on Thursday when 39 people were killed and 94 injured in a terrorist attack.
With approval from the central government and according to decisions from the national anti-terrorism leading group, the campaign will last until June 2015 with Xinjiang as the major battleground.


China urges Japan to stop provocation

The Chinese government is blasting new comments from Japan's prime minister.
This, after Shinzo Abe said China's "unilateral drilling" has created tensions in the South China Sea.
Abe's comments have been made while meeting with Vietnam's Deputy Prime Minister.
As part of the meeting, Abe says Japan will provide patrol vessels to Vietnam.
The Chinese government is calling on the Japanese prime minister to refrain from making comments which will undermine regional stability.
China and Vietnam have been at odds this month after Vienamese boats began forcefully trying to block a Chinese oil rig from being moved into operations around the Xisha Islands.

Deposed Thai premier, ex-cabinet ministers, protest leaders detained after questioning by military

Ousted Thai premier Yingluck Shinawatra, a few former Thai cabinet ministers, several anti- government protest leaders and pro-government Red Shirt leaders were detained by the military at unknown spots on Friday.
Sources say following Thursday's military take over of the government, Yingluck and the other prominent politicians had been questioned at the army auditorium and an army barracks and then detained at unknown "safehouses".


Putin blames West for inciting civil war in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin says ongoing events in Ukraine were a "full-scale civil war" incited by the West.
Putin said in a speech at the 18 St. Petersburgh International Economic Forum the state coup (in Kiev) supported by U.S. and European partners was followed by chaos and now by a full-scale civil war.
Putin also criticised the European Union (EU) for inaction over a settlement of the Ukraine crisis.
Meanwhile, he said the U.S. decision to impose sanctions on Moscow over Ukraine could have an underlying motive of weakening Washington's European competitors in the Russian market, adding the sanctions would not inflict systemic damage on the Russian economy.

China should learn from other countries: President Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping says China should be a country that learns from other countries and civilizations and keeps an open mind in exchanges with foreign countries.
Xi Jinping made the remarks during a meeting with foreign experts in Shanghai after the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia.
A total of 50 foreign experts from 22 countries, who work in Shanghai's universities, research facilities and enterprises and have made great contributions to China, attended the meeting.


Mining tycoon sentenced to death

A court in Sichuan has handed down the death sentence for former mining tycoon Liu Han following his conviction for organizing a criminal gang and murder.
His brother, Li Wei, has also been sentenced to death.
The verdicts follow the first trials for 36 members of an alleged mafia-like gang led by the elder Liu.
The Sichuan-based gang is being described as the largest criminal group of its kind on trial in China in recent years.


8 dead, 2 missing in south China rainstorms

At least eight people were killed and two are missing in the heaviest rain in decades in south China's Guangdong Province over the past few daus.
More than 400,000 people were affected by the rainstorms, which caused landslides, interruptions to traffic and telecommunications, and forced some schools to suspend classes, according to the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters.
The rain is expected to abate in the next three days but the possibility of geological disasters is still high, according to the headquarters.





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