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China confident in fighting terrorists: spokesman

China says it has the confidence and capability to crack down on terrorists after the latest terrorist attack in Xinjiang killed 31 people and injured over 90 others.
Two vehicles without license plates rammed shoppers at an open market in Xinjiang's capital Urumqi and set off explosives.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei says medical resources are being mobilized to take care of the injured, many of whom were elderly people who frequent the morning market.
President Xi Jinping has pledged to severely punish terrorists and spare no efforts in maintaining stability.
A work team led by Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun has headed for Xinjiang to join the investigation.
The international community, including Russia, the United States, France and the United Nations have issued condemnation to the attack.


Flights to Xinjiang diverted for security checks

In another development,
Two flights from Shanghai to Urumqi have been forced to land in Nanjing and Lanzhou respectively for security checks.
One fight was diverted to Nanjing after police received a tip that a passenger had explosives on board.
The flight was delayed for 3-hours before it was allowed to continue on to Urumqi.
The other flight also diverted to Lanzhou was stopped for a police check.
Nothing was found on that flight either.


At least 13 Ukrainian troops killed in attack on checkpoint

At least 13 troops have been killed after pro-Russian activists attacked a military checkpoint in eastern Ukraine, days before a presidential election.
The attack near the town of Volnovakha is the deadliest raid in weeks of fighting in eastern Ukraine.
The country's acting president says the attackers were trying to seize the town, but troops successfully defended it.


Thai military cancels constitution

The Thai military has seized power, suspending the country's constitution and dismissing its caretaker government.
A curfew has now been imposed across Thailand.
The Senate will remain in place and the army chief, General Prayuth Chan-ocha (prah-YOOT chahn oh-CHAH), will assume the duties of the prime minister until a new one is in place.
Earlier, the military declared a 10pm until 5am curfew and demanded top government officials, including the ousted prime minister, report to the military commission.
The whereabouts of acting Prime Minister --- NEE-waht-tahm-rawng BOOM -sahng-p-eye-sahn --- are unclear at the moment.


Libya to hold parliamentary election on June 25

The Libyan interim parliament has announced to hold a general vote on June 25.
The election seems more imminent now as the retired Major General Khalifa Haftar waged a war against the General National Congress, trying to force it to abandon power.
The general, who played a key role in toppling Libya's former leader Muammar Gaddafi, led his allied forces on Sunday to attack GNC compound and the airport road, leaving two dead and more than 60 injured.
Haftar claimed he intended to purge "terrorists" from the parliament and the city while the interim government and parliament condemned him for trying to stage a "coup."


European Parliament elections kick off in Britain, strained relations with EU likely to continue

Elections to the European Parliament has kicked off in Britain.
Millions of Britons flocked to polling stations to decide who can represent them in the European legislature.
A total of 73 Members of the European Parliament are up for grabs in the country based on the proportional representation voting mechanism.
Citizens are asked to vote for a party rather than an individual.
The UK Independence Party has topped most opinion polls in Britain in recent months.
Results of the elections are scheduled to be announced on Sunday, when voting is closed across the 28 member states of the European Union.
Britain and the Netherlands are the first two countries to start the European Parliament elections this year.


China injects 2 bln USD into new Africa fund

China has launched a two-billion dollar fund to be invested through the African Development Bank.
The Africa-wide investment vehicle is dubbed the "Africa Growing Together Fund."
This is the first time China has put money into Africa through a multilateral institution rather than directly through a deal with an African government.
The resources from the Fund are expected to be provided over a 10-year period and will be used alongside the African Development Bank's own resources to finance eligible sovereign and non-sovereign guaranteed development projects in Africa.
The AGTF is expected to be immediately set up to be used to co- finance some projects before the end of this year.


ZTE, Huawei win bulk of China Mobile's second batch of 4G contracts -sources

Reuters news agency is reporting that China Mobile has awarded its second batch of 4G telecom equipment contracts, with ZTE and Huawei Technologies securing the bulk of the deal.
Reuters cited sources as saying ZTE and Huawei have been awarded 34 percent and 31 percent of the work, respectively.
Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent SA were said to have each won 9 percent of the batch, while Nokia secured 8 percent.
China Mobile, with more than 784 million mobile customers and 4.8 million 4G subscribers in April, is the world's largest telecoms company by subscribers.
It confirmed the names of the winners, but did not provide details.




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