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Donetsk and Luhansk regions declare independence

Pro-Russian activists in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions have declared independence.
This follows self-declared referendums in the two regions on Sunday.
The Russian government says it will respect the choice of people in the region, and is calling for political dialogue.
Authorities in Kiev have condemned the unofficial referendum as "a farce."
Washington and its European allies also deem the vote illegal.
The Chinese government has released a statement, calling for the situation to be solved under the framework of law and order.


India exit polls shows BJP takes lead

Exit polls are suggesting the main opposition BJP may have won a parliamentary majority in India.
The polling is indicating BJP and its political allies have taken anywhere from 249 to 289 seats in the lower house of parliament.
272-seats are needed to secure a majority in the 543 seat lower house.
The ruling Congress-led Alliance is believed to have only secured 110 to 115 seats.
India's election commission says the five-week long election has seen the highest voter turnout.
The previous record was 64 percent set in 1984 after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
Official results of the elections are due on Firday.


UN chief calls for ceasefire in South Sudan

UN chief Ban Ki-moon is calling for an immediate end to the fighting in South Sudan.
Heavy fighting has been taking place around the city of Bentiu, despite the signing of a ceasefire just hours earlier.
The South Sudanese government and rebel forces are accusing one-another of instigating the fighting.
The government also says the elections scheduled for next year are going to be postponed for two or three years in order to bring about reconciliation first.
The Chinese government has also made comment on the situation, urging to two sides to implement the ceasefire agreement and create favorable conditions for a proper solution to the conflict.


Boko Haram releases new video on abducted schoolgirls

Islamic extremist group Boko Haram has released a new video showing a group of abducted school girls in Nigeria.
It is the first video evidence of the girls since around 300 of them were kidnapped in northeast Nigeria a month ago.
Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has issued a demand, calling on the Nigerian government to release the group's members currently being detained.
Nigeria's Interior Minister has already rejected the offer, saying it's unacceptable for a terrorist group to set conditions.
Nigeria's government has already accepted an offer of help from China, the United States and Britain.


Taliban fighters storm govt building in Afghanistan

At least 8 people have been killed amid an assault by Taliban fighters on a government building in the city of Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan.
Three suicide bombers targeted the justice department building in the city.
At the same time, nine police officers have been killed in another attack on a police checkpoint in Helmand province.
The Taliban has been stepping up its attacks ahead of the release of the final results of the country's Presidental election tomorrow.


One dead, dozens injured in bus blast in China

One person has been killed and dozens of other have been hospitalized following a fire on a bus in the city of Yibin in Sichuan.
The vivtim is believed to be the person who set the fire.
The motivation behind the arson is unclear.
There were around 50 passengers on the bus at the time.
Three of the victims are in critical condition.
Around 20 bystanders who assisted in the rescue have also been hospitalized.


60 detained in China after clash over incinerator plan

Police in Hangzhou are still holding 60 people after a violent protest broke out this weekend over plans to construct an incinerator in the city.
The protest broke on Saturday.
Around 40 people, including protestors and police officers, were injured in the unrest.
Protesters smashed and overturned police vehicles.
The local government is promising construction of the incinerator will not start without public support.


Russia's deputy minister: Gazprom gas deal with China nearly ready

Russia's Deputy Energy Minister says a long-awaited deal for Gazprom to supply China with natural gas is close to completion.
Anatoly Yanovsky has made the comment a little more than a week before President Vladimir Putin is due to visit China.
Yanovsky says the contract is 98-percent ready.
Gazprom, Russia's main state-run gas producer, has been in talks with the Chinese government for over a decade.
The deal is likely to be signed as part of Putin's visit here to Beijing later this month.


Alibaba registers film company in HK

Alibaba has registered a film company in Hong Kong as part of the company's expansion into the media industry.
Alibaba Pictures is expected to concentrate on film production and other cultural related business.
The company already has plans to purchase a 60-percent stake in Hong Kong-listed media company ChinaVision Media for some 800-million US dollars.
Alibaba also owns a 16.5 percent stake in Youku-Tudou.
Alibaba is in the process of completing its initial public offering in New York.




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