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China expresses grave concerns over U.S.-Japan joint statement

China has expressed grave concerns over a joint statement released by the United States and Japan, urging the two countries to discard their Cold War mindset and respect the interests and concerns of other countries in the region.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said It will be detrimental to the proper solution of relevant issues and the stability of the region to make indiscreet criticisms or remarks on the affairs of other countries.
He urged the United States and Japan to give up the Cold War mindset, earnestly respect the interests and concerns of other countries in the region and refrain from further disturbances to regional peace and stability.


Fourth Chinese national has been confirmed dead

The Chinese embassy says rescuers recovered the body of a fourth Chinese passenger, identified as a high school girl, after South Korean ferry Sewol with 476 people aboard capsized and sank off Jindo Island on April 16.
A total of four Chinese nationals were on board the ill-fated ship. And the embassy has confirmed the death of the other three -- two men and a woman -- since search and rescue operation began nine days ago.
The confirmed death toll stood at 185 Friday while 117 people remained unaccounted for.


Obama, Park agree on DPRK issue, remain ambiguous on Japan

U.S. President Barack Obama and his South Korean counterpart Park Geun-hye have held a summit in Seoul, agreeing to maintain a close cooperation in deterring North Korea from carrying out a fresh nuclear test, but they failed to share an unified position on Japan's return to the militaristic past.
Asked about the Seoul-Tokyo historical issues, Obama described "comfort woman" as a significantly bad violation of human rights though it happened during wartime, saying the victims should be heard and respected.
Touching on territorial disputes, Obama said parties concerned should resolve any territorial issues according to law and diplomacy, adding his message on this has not been changed.


Obama informs European leaders of U.S. intent to impose fresh sanctions on Russia

U.S. President Barack Obama has called leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Britain, informing them of U.S. intent to impose fresh targeted sanctions on Russia in response to its failure to help to ease tension in eastern Ukraine.
The White House says in his separate phone talks with the leaders, Obama told them that "The United States is prepared to impose targeted sanctions to respond to Russia's latest actions.


EU opposes cutting gas ties with Russia

The EU's top energy official is recommending the bloc diversify its energy supply rather than being dependent on its relations with Russia.
At the same time, European Energy Commissioner Gunther Oettinger also says the EU will not cut its gas ties with Russia.
Oettinger has made the suggestion at the end of a meeting among energy companies and organisations in Eastern Europe, amid the escalating tensions in the Ukraine.


Chinese State Councilor meets U.S. House Majority Leader

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi has met with visiting U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Beijing.
Yang Jiechi said the Chinese government is committed to safeguarding and promoting peace, stability and development in the Asia-Pacific region as well as the world.
He added no one can shake China's firm resolve in safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity.


15 workers trapped in tunnel of Nepal's hydropower project, including Chinese

Around 15 workers, of whom 12 feared to be Chinese, have been trapped inside a tunnel of a hydropower project in west Nepal.
Police say the workers of a Hydropower Project, which is under construction some 250 km away from the capital Kathmandu, were trapped in the tunnel after a mudslide at an entrance of the tunnel.
The rescue operation is underway.
The police said of the people trapped inside the tunnel, 12 are confirmed to be safe for the moment.


4 killed, 30 injured in Pakistan's Karachi blast

At least four people have been killed and over 30 others injured in a bombing in the Pakistani port city of Karachi.
The death toll is expected to rise, as at least five of the injured are in critical condition.
So far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

China to maintain policy continuity, stability

China says its economic growth in the first quarter was generally within expectation, and the country will maintain continuity and stability of its macro policies.
A statement released after a meeting of the central leadership of the ruling Communist Party of China says fiscal and monetary policies will remain as they are, and the country will nurture good development prospects and a transparent macro policy environment.
It says while sticking to the basic principles of stable macro and flexible micro policies, timely adjustments should be made in accordance to changing conditions of the economy so as to realize economic and social development goals for the year.




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