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One more body found near sunken S.Korean ferry, 29 confirmed dead

One more body was found Saturday in waters near a South Korean ferry, which sank off the country's southwestern coast on Wednesday.
The body, identified as female, was spotted 150m away from the submerged vessel when divers were conducing nighttime search operations.
Death toll has kept rising as search operations continued, with 29 people confirmed dead. The number of missing passengers was 273, and another 174 people were rescued.
Coast guard, navy and private divers were continuing search and rescue operations at night.
The divers reached the entrance of passenger cabins of the ferry after a three-hour-long attempt late Friday to make their way into there, but the divers failed to enter into the cabins. No survivor has been reported yet.


China is confirming Vietnam border violence reports: FM

China's Foreign Ministry says it is confirming media reports of a violence incident on the China-Vietnam border area.
The ministry says via its official Sina microblog it has noticed the reports and is hurrying on to check the authenticity of the reports.


This weekend vital for MH370 flight searching: Malaysian official

Malaysian acting Transport Minister Hishammudin Hussein says this weekend would be very important for the searching for the missing MH370 flight.
That's because the search has been narrowed to a very small area.
Hishammudin said on Friday he was informed by Angus Houston of the Joint Agency Coordination Center (JACC) that the visuals they got from the autonomous underwater vehicle, Bluefin- 21 were very clear, which made it quite easy to see the seabed.
He said the next few days will be important to see what they can find.


Heavy snowfall in Mt. Qomolangma hampers search for 9 Sherpa climbers

Disaster has struck on the world's higest mountain ahead of this year's climbing season.
At least 13 people are dead and a number of others missing after an avalanche hit Friday morning on Mount Qomalangma, otherwise known as Mount Everest.
The avalanche on the Nepalese side of the mountain hit while a group of around 50-people, mostly Nepalese sherpas, were doing the technical preparations for this year's climbing season, which is set to begin next week.
On top of the reported 13 dead, at least 10 others may be missing.


Ukraine to offer amnesty to disarmed protestors

Ukrainian interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk says his government has finished drafting a law that will offer amnesty to pro-Russia protestors who disarm, as they leave occupied government buildings.
The amnesty is part of the deal signed this week in Switzerland among Ukraine, Russia, the EU and the US meant to try to bring the tensions in Ukraine to an end.
Despite the amnesty call, pro-Russian demonstrators are reportedly showing no signals they plan to leave occupied government buildings in eastern Ukraine.
Instead they are demanding the resignation of Yatsenyuk's government.


Iran holds National Army Day parade, president addresses troops

Iran's President says his country holds no hostile intentions and all countries in the region can rely on the "stability and security" of Iran's armed forces.
Hassan Rouhani has made the comments at a military parade in Tehran, where Iran has been marking National Army Day.
He says nationwide support from the army and civilians alike has empowered Iran's nuclear negotiators and those on the front lines of diplomacy.
Since elected last June, Rouhani has pledged to resolve his country's nuclear dispute and end the economic sanctions imposed on Tehran.


Forest fire raging in S. China's Kunming

A forest fire on the northern outskirts of Kunming is continuing to roll south toward the city's more densely populated areas.
The fire broke out on Wednesday afternoon in the city's Xishan District, which is a densely-populated area north of Kunming-proper.
So far 130-people have been forced from their homes because of the blaze.
Around 47-hundred people have been mobilized to help prevent the fire from spreading.
So far there have been no reports of casualties or damage to properties.


20 confirmed dead in Yunnan mine flood

The death toll from a mine flood in southwest China's Yunnan Province rose to 20 by Friday night as rescuers found 14 more bodies, with two others still missing.
Rescuers are continuing to search for the two miners.
Investigators believe the flooding was caused by an explosion.


China allows banks to sell preference shares

China has decided to allow commercial banks to issue preference shares to raise funds.
China Securities Regulatory Commission and China Banking Regulatory Commission unveiled specific procedures and requirements in an online guideline, saying the program will optimize banks' capital structure and help build a multiple-tier capital market in the country.
The move, making banks the first batch granted official approval, is expected to lay the foundation of the preferred shares program that will replenish tier one capital.




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