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12 killed as 7.2 magnitude earthquake hits SW Pakistan

At least 12 people were killed when an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale hit Pakistan's southwest Balochistan province on Saturday afternoon.
The region was hit by a 7.7-magnitude quake on Tuesday, which left some 400 people dead.
Local media say a dozen others were injured while tens of houses collapsed in Saturday's quake.
The tremor was also felt in the country's southern Sindh province, causing panic among the people.
Officials say more than 180 thousand people have been affected by the two earthquakes.

China welcomes UN resolution, OPCW decision on Syria

China has welcomed a UN resolution and a decision by the international chemical weapons watchdog regarding Syria's chemical weapons.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang says China expects the UN resolution to be fully and accurately implemented.
The UN Security Council voted unanimously on Friday to adopt a resolution aimed at ridding war-torn Syria of chemical weapons.
Earlier, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons also agreed on a plan to destroy Syria's stockpile by mid-2014.
Qin Gang says China would like to send experts to join in related work and offer financial help.

President Xi to visit Indonesia, Malaysia, attend APEC summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping is to visit southeast Asia next week, for a meeting of the Asia-Pacific Cenomic Cooperation or APEC.
The Foreign Ministry says the president will also pay state visits to Indonesia and Malaysia.
He is due to attend the 21st economic leaders' meeting of APEC in Bali.

Death toll in Mumbai building collapse climbs to 43, 32 injured

The death toll in the residential building collapse in India's Mumbai has reached 43, while 32 others have been injured.
Police have arrested the owner of a decoration firm, who illegally carried out renovation at his rented warehouse on the ground floor of the five-storey building.
An unknown number of people are still trapped under the debris two days after the building collapsed.
At least 150 people were living in the building at the time of the collapse.

Death toll of Sudan's protests climbs to 33: report

In Sudan, four people have been killed in protests at various areas of capital Khartoum, bringing the total death toll of the four-day riots to 33.
Police say the four were killed as unknown gunmen opened fire at groups of protesters.
Hundreds of people are still staging protests against the government's move to hike fuel price as part of economic reforms.

Egypt recalls ambassador to Tunisia

Egypt has recalled its ambassador to Tunisia in response to the Tunisian president's demand of releasing ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.
Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki has called for the release of Morsi and other political prisoners while he attended the UN General Assembly.
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry says Marzouki's speech contradicted with reality and was against the will of the Egyptian people.
Morsi, overthrown by the armed forces in early July, is still being held in a secret location and is facing charges of inciting violence and killing protesters.

Berlusconi's ministers to quit Italian gov't

The party of Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says all five of its ministers are resigning from the coalition government.
The development follows weeks of worsening relations between his party and Prime Minister Enrico Letta's centre-left grouping.
The crisis could lead to fresh elections amid economic problems.
Berlusconi had already threatened to withdraw his ministers if he is expelled from the Senate for tax fraud.
According to a 2012 anti-corruption law, Berlusconi should be expelled after Italy's supreme court upheld his tax fraud conviction last month.

12 trapped in N China coal mine accident

Twelve workers are confirmed to be trapped in a flooded coal mine in north China's Shanxi Province.
The accident occurred early Saturday in Fenyang City, when 42 workers were working underground.
30 men were lifted out of the mine shaft safely.
Further rescue efforts and investigation are underway.

East China cities debut 4G phones

Three cities in east China's Zhejiang Province have begun selling the country's first fourth-generation mobile phones.
The cities of Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou launched the 4G network earlier this year either for trial commercial use or consumer experience.
Users can access China Mobile's 4G service, with the home-grown TD-LTE technology.
The maximum Internet speed of the 4G network is up to 10 times faster than 3G.




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