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China urges Japan to follow peace, friendship treaty

The Chinese government says the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed in 1978 should be commemorated and followed well.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei says the treaty provides a political foundation for relations between China and Japan.
Hong Lei says it is in line with the fundamental interests of the two sides to maintain a "long-term, stable and friendly" relationship.
At the same time, the Chinese government says given the current tensions between the two sides, both should be striving for the normal development of bilateral relations.
Meantime, Japanese Foreign Ministry has also issued a statement, saying the Japanese government remains committed to improving its ties with China.

Super Typhoon Utor arrives in South China Sea

Super Typhoon Utor has now crossed through the northern part of the Philippines, with the eye churning in the warm waters of the South China Sea.
Described as the strongest typhoon globally so far this year, Utor struck the northern Philippines throughout the weekend, dumping heavy rains.
So far one death has been reported in the country and 38 others are missing due to the typhoon.
Forecasters expect Utor will continue to strengthen as it continues its path towards southern China.
Winds are expected to reach around 175-kilometers per hour when it makes landfall sometime Wednesday evening.

No casualties reported in Tibet quake

No casualties have been reported following a strong earthquake which hit a remote region of Tibet Monday morning.
The quake, 6.1 on the Richter Scale, hit along Tibet's eastern border with Sichuan and Yunnan shortly before 5:30 Monday morning.
Over 20 homes have been destroyed, along with roads and other infrastructure.
Authorities are struggling to reach a remote township of around 35-hundred people at the epicenter of the quake.
Local emergency teams have been put together to try to reach the affected area.
A number of strong aftershocks have also been felt in the region.

Soumaila Cisse concedes defeat in Mali election

Mali's ex-finance minister Soumaila Cisse has condeded defeat in the country's presidential election.
Cisse was facing former Prime Minister Ibrahim Boubacar Keita in the runoff this past weekend.
In the first round, Keita won nearly 40 percent of the vote in the first round, while Cisse came second among the 27 candidates with almost 20 percent.
The election comes after more than a year of turmoil including a coup and a French-led military intervention to oust an Islamic insurgency from the north.

Gunmen kill dozens at Nigeria mosque

Local officials have confirmed at least 44 people were shot dead at a mosque in northeast Nigeria Sunday morning.
Local news reports say another 26 were injured.
The killings took place in Borno State during dawn prayers.
It is not clear if the attacks were carried out by Islamist group Boko Haram, which are responsible for most of those attacks in northern Nigeria in the past few years.

Egyptian authorities extend Morsi's detention

An Egyptian court has extended the detention of deposed President Mohamed Morsi for another 15 days.
A judge, assigned by the military-backed Justice Ministry, decided to prolong Morsi's detension over charges of conspiring with Palestine-based Hamas.
Morsi has been placed in custody since July 26th.

H7N9 patient dies in Beijing

A male patient infected with the H7N9 avian flu has died of multiple organ failure in a Beijing hospital.
The 61-year-old tested positive for the virus and has since received treatment at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital.
The Chinese mainland so far has confirmed 134 infections with 44 deaths.
Health authorities say they are monitoring the situation in case of another outbreak this fall and winter.
An emergency response was halted in May.
Researchers in Jiangsu said earlier this month they had found evidence that the virus may be capable of human-to-human transmission.
But they said such transmissions are "limited and non-sustainable".

Chinese gold stores fined for price manipulation

The National Development and Reform Commission has handed down fines of nearly 11 million yuan to 5 local gold and jewelry shops based in Shanghai.
NDRC says the five stores manipulated the retail price of gold and platinum jewelry with the help of the Shanghai Gold & Jewelry Trade Association.
The trade association has also been fined 500-thousand yuan, which is the harshest punishment possible.
Last week the NDRC fined six foreign baby formula makers a record 670 million yuan for price-fixing.






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