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New Zealand Probes Fonterra's Handling of Food-Safety Scare

The government of New Zealand has launched an official probe into dairy exporter Fonterra in connection with its tainted dairy scandal here in China.
The probes are said to surround why Fonterra waited more than 48 hours to release information about the possible contamination.
Fonterra has also confirmed the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries is studying data connected to the contamination scare.
The company says the contamination is due to a pipe that had not been sufficiently cleaned.
Fonterra discovered that some of its products were tainted with bacteria which can cause botchulism.
The company has since recalled the products in question.
Chinese authorities have since suspended all dairy imports from New Zealand and Australia while the probe is underway.

Evidence of Japanese germ warfare found in SW China

Chinese researchers say they have uncovered more evidence of the use of germ warfare by Japanese forces in southwestern China's Yunnan during the Second World War.
The findings by researchers are suggesting the wide-spread use of protective measures to ensure Japanese troops did not become infected with plague, anthrax and cholera.
Researchers also say Japanese troops poisoned wells along the route leading from Yunnan into neighboring Myanmar during the invasion in 1942.
Research carried out by the Harbin Academy of Social Sciences is now trying to determine how closely the suspected germ warfare activities in Yunnan are linked to the notorious Unit 731.
This was the secret Japanese biological and chemical weapons research unit, which operated out of northeast China during the Japanese occupation of the region.

Japan unveils largest military ship

Japan has unveiled its largest warship since the second world war named "Izumo".
The helicopter-equipped destroyer has a capacity of landing five choppers.
Izumo is expected to be deployed in 2015.
Local media reports say another warship of a similar size is under construction.

Hasan Rouhani says Iran is ready to resume nuclear talks

Iran's new president now says his country is ready for serious talks with world powers over the nation's controversial nuclear program.
Two days into his job, Hasan Rouhani said his government hoped that talks with the West could begin without wasting time.
However Rouhani has also insisted that uranium enrichment activities in Iran are a right granted by international law.
For it's part, the US has said Mr Rouhani's presidency presents an opportunity for Iran to resolve the world's "deep concerns".

Pakistan rejects Indian allegation of killing soldiers

Pakistan is rejecting Indian claims Pakistani soldiers killed 5 Indian soldiers in a fire-fight along the Line of Control in Kashmir.
The Pakistani government is describing the Indian allegations as "baseless and unfounded."
Indian authorities are accusing a group of Paksitani soldiers of crossing over the Line of Control in Kashmir and ambushing a group of Indian soliders.
The deadly attack comes as the two countries prepare to move forward in trying to resume stalled peace talks.
Peace talks between the two sides were called off in January following an attack on the border which left one Indian soldier dead.

Dozens killed in wave of bombings in Iraq's capital

Several bombings in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Tuesday evening have killed at least 40 people and injured over 100 others.
So far no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks.
Over 4-thousand Iraqi's have been killed since the beginning of this year.
The recent violence has raised fears of a recurrence of the full-blown civil conflict in 2006 and 2007.

U.S., Russian ministers to meet over lingering differences

Foreign and Defense ministers from the United States and Russia are set to meet in Washington this Friday, in a bid to try and bridge their differences over a number of issues.
Thorny issues expected to feature high on the agenda include the Syrian situation, the missile defense system as well as the fate of former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.
Russian deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov has said Russia will not discuss Snowden in the meeting.

Fort Hood shooting suspect admits he is the gunman

A former US Army psychiatrist who gunned down 13 soldiers at an Army base in Texas in 2009 has admitted to carrying out the attack.
42-year-old Major Nidal Hasan says he carried out the attack to protect Muslims and the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Hasan could face execution if found guilty.
The killings are the deadliest non-combat attack on a US military base so far.

Buddhists, tourists celebrate major Tibetan festival

Hundreds of thousands of Buddhists and tourists have flocked to a Tibetan monastery to celebrate the beginning of this year's Shoton festival.
Also known as the Yogurt Banquet festival, the week-long event kicked off with a grand ceremony of the "sunning of the Buddha" in the 600-year-old Drepung Monastery.
Local officials say over 400-thousand people are expected to join this year's ceremony.
It is now considered one of the most important festivals on the Tibetan calendar.




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