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China battles record flooding weather

Authorities across many parts of China are struggling to cope with heavy rains and the typhoon that have already left dozens of people dead.
Typhoon Soulik is now moving further inland into Jiangxi after lashing Fujian and other parts of the southeast coast on Saturday.
At least 3 people are dead in the aftermath of Typhoon Soulik.
Another 20-thousand have been relocated in Guangdong as a result of the flooding brought on by the massive storm.
Meanwhile, in the mountainous southwestern part of China, a week-straight of torrential rains has left at least 86 people dead.
43 are confirmed dead following a landslide Wednesday in the city of Dujiangyan in Sichuan.
Nearly 120 others, most tourists, are still listed as missing.
In the southern region of Guangxi, a landslide has killed 8 people at a tourist spot in the Yao Autonomous County of Jinxiu.
A number of others are also listed as missing.
Meanwhile, in the northwestern province of Shaanxi, the death toll from flooding hitting the city of Yan'an has risen to 26.
Almost 120 others have been hurt.
Mudslides and flooding are common in China's mountainous areas during the summer rainy season.
However, the rains this year are creating some of the worst flooding in half a century.

San Francisco air crash survivors return home

31 Chinese survivors of the Asiana Airlines crash landing in San Francisco have returned to their hometown in Zhejiang.
Those who have returned include 26 students and five middle school teachers who were part of a group of 35 who were heading to the U.S. for a summer education camp.
Three girls in the group were killed.
One other remains in serious condition in hospital in San Francisco.
A total of 141 Chinese citizens were among the 291 passengers aboard the Asiana Airlines Flight bound for San Francisco from Seoul.
The flight crash landed at San Francisco International Airport a week ago.

Egypt's former Brotherhood chief ordered 4 days in custody

The former Muslim Brotherhood chief in Egypt has been ordered in custody for 4-days.
Mahdi Akef is being held as prosecutors investigate charges of insulting the judicial authority.
At the same time, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party has been released after paying a 5-thousand Egyptian pound fine in the same cdase.
A number of the Brotherhood's leaders are facing arrest amid allegations of inciting violence against protesters following the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi on July 3rd.

31 killed, 92 wounded in wave of attacks in southern Iraq

At least 31 people are dead and 92 others wounded in a wave of violent attacks in Iraq's Shiite- dominated southern provinces on Sunday.
The largest explosion has taken place near the headquarters of a political party in the city of Basra, killing 8.
Other bombings have struck a mosque in the town of Mussyab and a market in Nasiriya, as well as targets in the holy city of Karbala.
No group has so far claimed responsibility.
However, security sources are suggesting al-Qaida in Iraq is the likely culprit.
More than 300 people have been killed in the almost-daily bombings so far in July.

Obama calls for calm after Zimmerman acquittal

U.S. President Barack Obama has issued a call for calm following the acquittal of George Zimmerman.
Zimmerman is the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin in a case which has - in Obama's own words - "elictied strong passions."
Obama is calling on the public to respect the decision of the Florida jury.
The US President is also using the case to press his push to bring in new and stronger gun laws.
Zimmerman shot and killed Martin while on patrol as a neighborhood watch volunteer.
He was originally cleared of all charges through Florida's laws which allow the use of deadly force if being attacked.
However, prosecutors later decided to charge Zimmerman with murder.
The case has sparked nation-wide debate about racial profiling.

Hollande says too soon to decide cause of derailment

France's President has offered comments on Friday's deadly train derailment near Paris.
Francois Hollande says it's too soon to say whether the derailment is due to poor upkeep of the rail line.
However, Hollande does say it is a case of equiptment failure.
The train jumped the tracks just 20-minutes into its journey south of Paris on Friday during the busy Bastille Day holiday.
The derailment left 6 dead and dozens of others injured.

Spain's opposition urges PM to resign over alleged corruption

Spain's opposition is calling on the country's Prime Minister to resign amid a corruption scandal.
Mariano Rajoy is being called on to quit "immediately" after his messages to the country's imprisoned former treasurer were published in a local newspaper.
The messages appear to show Rajoy's support to Luis Barcenas, ex-treasurer of the ruling People's Party who is in jail charged with fraud.
The report contends Barcenas and Rajoy kept in contact even after it was known Barcenas had dispursed illegal payments to members of his party.




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