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China, U.S. to establish new modal of major country relationship

Officials attending the just-concluding China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue have been pushing to try to develop a new model to the relationship.
As part of one of the sessions,Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi says any new relationship dyanamic has to be modeled on one of "mutual respect."
Deputy US Secretary of State William Burns has suggested the two countries need to look beyond the concept of historical conflict.
The two-day S&ED is wrapping up in Washington.

Nonstop downpours batter SW China

Torrential rains pounding Sichuan have left at least 30 people dead and over 160 people missing.
More than 22-thousand soldiers have been sent in to help with rescue and evacuation.
The soliders are also helping to cleared blocked roads and communication lines.
Over 350 tourists trapped in a village in Dujiangyan have since been rescued after becoming trapped by flooding this week.
Another 2-thousand others have also been rescued after being trapped for several hours in a highway tunnel between Dujiangyan and Wenchuan.

E China bracing for approaching Typhoon Soulik

Marine traffic along the southeast coast of China is being suspended ahead of the arrival of Super-Typhoon Soulik.
The massive typhoon is currently centered off the west coast of Taiwan.
It's currently packing winds of 195-kilometers per hour at the center.
Soulik is expected to roll across the northern tip of Taiwan today before reaching landfall along coastal Fujian sometime overnight.

Chinese premier pledges strengthened Nigeria cooperation

Chinese premier Li Keqiang has held talks with visiting Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.
Li Keqiang is promising to strengthen cooperation with Nigeria and inject "vigor" into the China-Africa relationship.
The premier notes China and Nigeria are developing countries with large populations, saying both countries are facing challenges in speeding up development and improving people's lives.
For his part, Goodluck Jonathan says Nigeria is keen on developing stronger ties with China.
He's also taken time to commend China's growing role in the world peace process.
Jonathan is due to leave China later on today.

GlaxoSmithKline faces criminal investigation in China

A number of senior executives from the Chinese division of GlaxoSmithKline are the focus of a criminal investigation.
The Ministry of Public Security has been questioning a number of GSK employees amid allegations they offered large bribes to government officials, hospitals and doctors to try to increase sales.
The British multi-national, which is the world's fourth biggest pharmaceutical maker, is also being investigated for tax related violations.

China, Russia conclude joint naval drills

Chinese and Russian naval forces have concluded their latest joint drills off Russia's East Coast.
Seven vessels from the Chinese North and South Sea Fleets, along with a dozen vessels from Russia's Pacific Fleet have taken part in the weeklong exercises.
The naval drill comes ahead of another joint Chinese-Russian anti-terrorism drill slated for later this month.

Chinese military lashes out at Japanese defense report

Chinese Defense Ministry is lashing out at a Japanese defense report playing up the so-called 'China's military threat'.
The Japanese white paper released earlier this week is pointing to both China and North Korea as areas of Japanese defense concern.
A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson says China's defense policies are purely defensive in nature.
The statement comes on the heels of simliar complaints by China's foreign ministry earlier this week.

Attacks kill over 60 in Iraq

A wave of violent attacks across Iraq have left over 60 people dead through Thursday.
Around 140 others have been hurt the latest string of bombings.
This time the attacks have targeted a military convoy, a security forces compound, a funeral and coffee shop.
The bombings are the latest in a string of almost daily attacks which have been taking place across Iraq over the past few weeks.

200 inmates escape from Indonesian prison amid riot

A riot at a prison in Indonesia has led to the escape of some 200 prisoners.
The riot took place Thursday night in the city of Medan on Sumatra.
The inmates at the prison revolted after water and power supplies broke down.
There's still no word on injuries or fatalities in the fighting.
Indonesian authorities say a number of the prisoners were doing time for terror-related activities.

Thousands in BiH mourn victims of Sreberenica Massacre

Thousands of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina have gathered at a memorial center near the city of Srebrenica to mourn the victims in the 1995 Srebrenica Massacre.
As part of the ceremony, over 400 newly-identified victims have been buried at the centre.
This puts the number of grave stones at the site to over 6-thousand.
In marking the 18th anniversary, the UN's representative to the region has called on people in the region to give priority to love over hatred.




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