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China, US begin key annual talks

This year's edition of the China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue is wrapping up its first day in Washington.
Speaking at the opening session of the annual high-level talks, Chinese vice Premier Wang Yang says dialogue is an important tool to accelerate the development of society.
U.S. Vice President Joe Biden says U.S.-China relationship will remain both competitive and cooperative, saying both sides share a wide range of opinions.
The annual talks, now in their fifth year, involve senior officials including U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi.
As part of the two-day-sessions, senior officials from nearly two dozens of government agencies from both sides are expected to discuss a wide range of issues, including climate change, energy security and economics and trade.

Chinese official hails climate change "new highlight" for Sino-U.S. relations

A senior official in the Chinese delegation attending this year's China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue is describing climate change as a "new highlight" of the relationship.
Xie Zhenhua, deputy head of the National Development and Reform Commission, has made the suggestion following the end of the first day of the 2-day meeting in Washington.
The two sides initiated a working relationship on climate change in April as part of US Secretary of State John Kerry's visit here.
Areas under discussion include emmission reductions from heavy vehicles, energy efficiency in buildings and industry and greenhouse gas emission data collection.

S. Korea, DPRK fail to reach Kaesong deal, agree to hold further talks

A new round of talks connected to the resumption of the Kaesong Industrial Park in North Korea has been held.
The talks between the North and South on Wednesday failed to reach an agreement about the so-called 'normalization' of the facility.
While the two sides have agreed to reopen the industrial complex, they've failed to reach an agreement about how and when it can be shut down.
They have agreed to continue talking on this issue.

DPRK reiterates demand for dissolution of UN Command on Korean Peninsula

Amid the current push to try to get the six-party Korean nuclear talks restarted, North Korea has resumed its call for the disolution of the United Nations Command on the peninsula.
The UN Command was the broad-brush name for the combined forces which fought North Korean and Chinese troops during the Korean War from 1950 to 1953.
The call for the UN Command has been made by the permanent representative to the UN Office in Geneva So Se-pyong .
The renewed call to dislove the UN Command comes just over 2-weeks ahead of the 60th anniversary of the armistace which ended the Korean War.

Boston Marathon bombing suspect pleads not guilty

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.
Tsarnaev has entered the plea as part of his first public appearance in court.
He is facing 30 different charges, including using a weapon of mass destruction.
The April bombing left 3 people dead and over 200 others hurt.
One of those killed was a Chinese student studying in Boston.

US judge finds Apple guilty of conspiring to fix e-book prices

Apple has been found guilty of conspiring with book publishers to raise electronic book prices.
A US judge has ruled Apple played a "central role" in a conspiracy with the biggest book publishers in the US to fix prices.
The case is one of the biggest anti-trust lawsuits ever brought by US federal authorities.
Apple says it's planning to appeal.
The 5 publishers involved have already reached out-of-court settlements.
The fine Apple is facing hasn't been decided yet.
The courts have determined Apple and the publishers conspired to try to challenge Amazon's dominance in the e-book market.

Strong rainstorms hit SW China

Torrential rains has left 7 people dead and 48 missing in Sichuan and Yunnan.
More than 36-thousand people have been moved out of their homes amid the risk of landslides and flooding.
Parts of Sichuan have been hit with around 600 millimeters of rain this week.
The water levels in 8 different rivers in the province have risen above the warning level.
Three bridges have been washed away by the flooding.
Authorities have been able to restore some traffic and communication lines cut off earlier this week.

China to issue red alert for Typhoon Soulik

Marine forecasters have issued their highest alert ahead of the approach of Typhoon Soulik.
The massive storm is currently churning in the East China sea.
The storm front is expected to start affecting Taiwan and the Taiwan Strait this Thursday.
Forecasts have the eye of the storm reaching northern Taiwan tomorrow.
The projected track of Soulik has it crossing over the northern tip of Taiwan before slamming into Fujian/Zhejiang provincial border on Friday evening.




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