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Chinese delegation arrives for fifth China-U.S. high-level dialogue

A leading Chinese delegation is now in Washington for this year's edition of the China-U.S. Strategic and Economic Dialogue.
The Chinese delegation is led by Vice Premier Wang Yang and State Councilor Yang Jiechi.
On the U.S. side, Secretary of State John Kerry and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will represent the United States' interests.
Leading officials from 20 different departments and ministries on both sides are set to hold a series of talks in the coming two days.
Cyber security, climate change, economic and trade relations, on top of military-to-military ties are expected to be high on the agenda.

China-US cyber security talks held ahead of S&ED

A forum on cyber security is being held in Washington ahead of the fifth US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue.
The forum on cyber security which began on Monday is due to last for four days.
An official from the U.S State Department says both sides will state their concerns regarding cyber security issues and clarify how they can cooperate in future.
Cyber security has been making major headlines on both the US and Chinese side recently.

Chinese premier presses for economic transformation

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is suggesting this country's economy is in a phase which requires an economic transformation if it's going to maintain a healthy development.
Li Keqiang has made the suggestion following an economic meeting in Guangxi.
The Premier says the government needs to speed up its reform of this country's tax, pricing and administrative sectors.
He's also pressing for market forces to play a stronger role in how the economy develops.

Egypt's caretaker president appoints interim PM, vice president

Egypt's interim president has officially appointed ex-finance minister Hazem al-Beblawi has the country's prime minister.
Adli Mansour has also tapped leading opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei as his vice-President.
The move comes on the heels of Monday's deadly clashes between the Egyptian military and supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi.
51 people were killed in armed clashes between the two sides.
The military and pro-Morsi supporters are blaming one-another for the attacks.

UN, U.S. condemn Beirut car bomb blast

The United Nations has officially condemned a bombing which ripped through Beirut on Tuesday.
The blast hit near the Islamic Cooperation Center in a pro-Hezbollah area of the Lebanese capital.
Over 50 people have been hurt in the blast.
The car bombing hit on the eve of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.
Lebanon has been home to increasing violence in recent months, in what's seen as a spill-over from the civil war in Syria, with opponents and supporters of the Bashar al-Assad government becoming increasing militant.

Russia determined Syrian rebels made and used sarin nerve gas

The Russian government says it's been able to determine Syrian rebel forces are the ones
behind a deadly Sarin Gas attack near the city of Aleppo in March.
The chemical weapon attack took place on March 19th in the government-controlled Aleppo suburb of Khan al-Assal.
The attack left 26 people dead and dozens of others injured.
Both the Syrian government and the rebels blamed each other for the attack.

S&P downgrades Italy's credit rating

Standard and Poor's has downgraded Italy's credit rating by a notch.
S&P now rates Italy as BBB, with a negative outlook.
The ratings agency says Italy's economic prospects are getting weaker.
It's also warning of another potential downgrade later this year or sometime next year.
Standard and Poor's is predicting the Italian economy will contract by 1.9-percent this year.
It also expects its debt-to-GDP ratio to hit 129-percent.
A lower credit rating makes it potentially harder for a country to borrow money on the bond markets, as potential investors will demand higher returns.

Severe rainstorms batter quake-hit SW China

One person is dead and 15 others missing amid heavy rains which are still pounding Sichuan.
Massive downpours have been hitting much of the northeast of the province.
Traffic and communication lines have been severed in many of the townships in the Wenchuan, Beichuan and Lushan regions.
Swolen rivers have taken out three different bridges.
Meanwhile, in the capital, Chengdu, around 4-thousand people remain stranded at the airport because of flight cancellations.

Toronto mayor urges city to conserve power after record-setting storm

The mayor of the Canadian city of Toronto is calling on people there to conserve power amid the massive flooding which has hit the city.
Canada's largest city has been hit by a massive storm, flooding out major highways and light-rail systems.
Tens of thousands are without power.
The city's main airport was hit with 126-millimeters of rain in the course of just 2-hours overnight on Monday.

Pollution shortens life expectancy

New research is suggesting air pollution here in China may be shortening people's life expectancy by more than 5-years.
The report has been compiled by researchers from Tsinghua University, Peking University, MIT and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The analysis is suggesting the air pollution in northern China cuts people's lives short by an average of 5.5-years compared to people living in the south of China.




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