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Asiana crash landing: US investigators review airport surveillance video

US investigators have been reviewing airport surveillance video to determine whether an emergency vehicle ran over one of two teenage girls killed in Saturday's Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco.
So far authorities say they have not been able to reach any conclusions.
A fire department spokesperson says the Chinese teenager had "injuries consistent with those of having been run over by a vehicle."
Autopsies to determine the cause of death is still underway.
The Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 slammed into the runway at San Francisco airport Saturday morning, leaving two Chinese middle school students dead.
The crash also left 180 others injured.
Six are still in critical condition.
The two girls killed were among a group of 30 students and five teachers from Zhejiang.
They were on their way to a summer camp in the United States.

Egypt interim leaders outlines election timetable

Egypt's interim leader has outlined a timetable for new elections in his country.
Adli Mansour says general elections could be held by February.
He has also approved a constitutional declaration for the country's transitional period.
The interim leader says a panel to amend the constitution will be formed within 15 days.

Egypt army warns Morsi supporters to avoid armed provocation

The Egyptian military is pointing the finger at supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi for the bloodshed outside the Republican Guard House in Cairo.
The military says it had to respond with force after protesters began firing live ammunition at its soldiers.
The death toll from the fighting on Monday has reached 51.
Over 400 others have suffered injuries in the clashes.
The Egyptian military is also pointing to a campaign of disinformation being launched by Morsi supporters trying to drum up anger against the military.

Obama has no plans to cancel visit to Russia: U.S. ambassador

The United States' ambassador to Russia is moving to rebuff reports President Barack Obama might be considering cancelling a forthcoming trip there because of the Edward Snowden case.
A Russian newspaper is quoting US State Department source as suggesting the Obama administration is thinking about cancelling the President's trip to the G20 summit slated for St. Petersberg in September.
US Ambassador Michael McFaul has since issued a statement, saying he's still preparing for Obama's time in Russia.
The Kremlin also says it's recieved no information about any changes in Obama's itinerary.

Jordan's power generation cost rises after halt of Egypt's gas supplies

Authorities in Jordan are calling for a rationing of electricity supplies amid a huge spike in generation costs.
Since being cut off from natural gas supplies from neighboring Egypt on Sunday, the cost of generating electricity in Jordan has increased by some 2-million US dollars a day.
Around 80-percent of Jordan's electricity is generated through natural gas supplies from Egypt.
Militants attacked the natural gas line running through the Egyptian Sinai on Sunday, forcing authorities to completely cut supplies to Jordan while repairs are made.

China former railways minister sentenced to suspended death

China's former railways minister Liu Zhijun has been handed a death penalty sentence with a two-year reprieve for bribery and abuse of power.
The sentence has been delivered as part of a combined verdict here in Beijing.
Liu has been handed the death sentence with a 2-year repreive for accepting bribes.
He's also been give an additional 10-years for abuse of power.
Here in China, people sentenced to the death penalty with a repreive can avoid paying the ultimate price if they maintain a clean record during the duration of the 2-year reprieve.

Son of Chinese tenor charged with rape

The Haidian District People's Court here in Beijing is now prepared to hear the gang-rape case against the son of a famous Chinese singer.
The decision to hear the case comes after procedural questions in the case became cleared up.
The 17-year old son of famous military singer Li Shuangjiang, along with 4 others, are accused of gang raping a woman after a night of drinking back in February.
The case has drawn close attention, given Li Shuangjiang's fame and his son's behaviour.
The 17-year old has already spent time behind bars for a separate incident when he and another teenager attacked a couple who happened to block his driveway here in Beijing two years ago.

Floods cut town's water supply in S China

Around 50-thousand people in a town in Yunnan are struggling to access water, after rain-triggered mountain torrents damaged the town's water facilities.
Locals in the county seat of Suijiang are using buckets, woks and bottles to collect water from wells and mountain springs.
Intense rains since Thursday have been pounding the area, which is located in Yunnan's north, near the border with Sichuan.
Flash flooding has destroyed several parts of the town's water supply pipelines.
There's still no timetable on the resumption of the water supply.




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