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U.S. federal authorities investigate Boeing 777 plane crash

Federal investigators in the United States have begun a full investigation into the crash of an Asiana Airlines jet in San Francisco on Sunday.
The plane crashed and burst into flames while landing at San Francisco's main airport yesterday afternoon.
Two Chinese teenagers were killed in the crash.
The flight originated in Shanghai and stopped over in South Korea before making its way to the US west coast.
There were 291 people onboard, including 141 Chinese nationals, many of whom were on their way to the United States for summer education camps.
Over 180 people were injured in the firey crash.
It's unclear what caused the plane to lose control upon landing.

Train derailment in southwest Russia injures over 70

76 people have been injured in a train derailment in Russia.
The passanger train jumped the tracks in the Krasnodar region of southwest Russia.
6 people have suffered serious injuries.
The remaining 70 hurt suffered only minor injuries.
It's unclear what caused the derailement.

Canada oil train derailment deathtoll rises to 5

At least five people are confirmed dead after a runaway train carrying crude oil derailed in the province of Quebec in Canada.
40 others are listed as missing.
The derailed train exploded in flames after derailing near the town of Lac-Megantic, forcing the evacuation of some 2-thousand people.
The fire has prevented rescuers from reaching parts of the 73-car train.
Local authorities say there is still the risk of explosions, as two tankers are still burning.

Morsi's opponents, supporters stage mass protests across Egypt

Opponents and supporters of Egypt's ousted president have been taking part in nation-wide protests on Sunday.
In Cairo, throngs of anti-Morsi protesters have flocked to Tahrir Square and around the presidential palace.
At the same time, Morsi supporters have held marches near Cairo University.
Spurratic violence since Morsi's ouster on Wednesday have left at least 36 people dead and over 14-hundred hurt.

Egyptian soldier killed in armed attack in Sinai

An Egyptian soldier has been killed in an armed attack in the Sinai.
Egyptian authorities say the border guard was killed in an attack by a group of militants.
The attack is the latest in a series of violent incidents which have been taking place in the Egyptian Sinai region over the past few days.
An Egyptian firefighter was injured in a simliar attack earlier in the day.
A pipeline supplying natural gas to Jordan was also attacked over the weekend.
On Friday, 5 Egyptian soliders were also killed by militants in the restive region.

North Korea and South agree "in principle" to reopen Kaesong complex

North and South Korea have agreed in principle to restart their joint Kaesong Industrial Complex.
The announcement comes after some 16-hours of talks at the Panmunjom truce village.
Under the new agreement, South Korean companies will be able to bring back finished products and materials out of the complex.
The industrial zone has been shut down for nearly three months after Pyongyang withdrew its workers from the site.

China, Switzerland sign free trade agreement

China and Switzerland have signed a free trade agreement.
The finalization of the deal caps over two years of negotiations.
It is the first free trade pact inked between China and a country in continental Europe.
Once the FTA goes into effect, as much as 99.7 percent of Chinese exports to Switzerland will be immediately exempted from tariffs.
84.2 percent of Swiss exports to China will eventually receive zero tariffs.
Tariff reductions under the deal will cover 99.99 percent of Swiss exports to China and 96.5 percent of Chinese exports to Switzerland.

China's central gov't agencies to cut spending by 5 pct

China's Ministry of Finance has issued a circular ordering central government departments to cut their general expenditures by 5 percent this year.
It is part of the broader frugality campaign launched by the country's new leadership.
The spending cuts will target government offices, meetings, domestic and overseas trips, vehicles and official receptions.
The new leadership has vowed to fight corruption and extravagance since taking over earlier this year.

3 dead, 1.9 million affected in C China rainstorm

Heavy rains that have been pounding Hubei since Friday have so far left 3-people dead.
Around 114-thousand people have been forced from their homes in 29 separate counties.
Around 7-thousand homes have been wiped out in the flooding.
Provincial officials in Hubei are estimating the direct economic losses at close to 700-million yuan.
Tuanfeng County, which lies just east of the provincial capital, Wuhan, was hit with 168-millimeters of rain in 24 hours.

Sewage discharge blamed for S China river pollution

Initial investigations are suggesting illegal sewage discharging from local mining companies is the likely source of river pollution in Guangxi.
Over 100 local companies have been forced to suspend their production after dead fish began showing up in the He River near the city of Hezhou.
Investigators say the pollutants include thallium and cadmium, both of which are toxic to humans.
Local authorities say the pollution is under control.
However, the thallium levels in the river remain above acceptable limits.






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