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Egypt's prosecution imposes travel ban on Morsi

Egypt's lead prosecutor has issued a travel ban for ousted President Mohamed Morsi.
35 other leading Muslim Brotherhood figures have also been hit with travel bans.
The ban comes amid investigations into their roles in inciting violence against anti-government demonstrators this past week.
The travel ban comes just a day after Mohamed Morsi was diposed by the Egyptian military.
The head of the country's Supreme Constitutional Court has since been sworn-in as the new interim president.

China urges dialogue among Egyptian parties

The Chinese government is calling on the political factions in Egypt to resolve their differences through dialogue.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying says the Chinese government "respects the choice of the Egyptian people".
The Chinese Embassy in Egypt has begun its emergency response programs to protect the Chinese citizens and institutions there.
The embassy is also warning Chinese citizens to carefully consider their travel plans to Egypt.
It's also urging those already there to exercise caution.

Pakistan vow to cement cooperation with China

Chinese president Xi Jinping has met with visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
Xi Jinping is describing China and Pakistan as both partners and brothers.
For his part, Nawaz Sharif says his government is hoping to establish a more favorable environment for Chinese investment.
The meeting between Xi Jinping and Nawaz Sharif is the first time the two have met since they took up their their respective positions earlier this year.
It follows a visit to Pakistan earlier this year by Chinese premier Li Keqiang.

Chinese, Canadian FMs hold talks on cooperation

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has held talks with his Canadian counterpart John Baird here in Beijing.
Baird says strenghtening ties with China is a priority for the Canadian government.
Wang Yi says the Chinese side also wants to work with Canada to enhance their mutual ties.
Baird is on a two-day trip here to China.

S. Korea, DPRK agree to hold working-level talks on Kaesong

The South Korean government has revealed plans to hold working-level talks with North Korea at the Panmunjeom truce village on Saturday.
The talks will be focused on the potential resumption of the Kaesong industrial complex.
Pyongyang has accepted Seoul's offer for talks, following some wrangling over the venue.
The North Korean side originally wanted the talks to be held in Kaesong.
The jointly-run industrial park has been shut down for weeks after the North withdrew its 54-thousand workers amid the heightened tensions on the peninsula.

Russia, DPRK consult nuclear program settlement

More talks are taking place for the possible resumption of the long-stalled 6-party talks.
Diplomats from Russia and North Korea have met for some 5-hours to discuss the possibility of resuming the long-stalled nuclear talks.
The talks between the Russian and North Korean sides is the latest in a series of recent discussions taking place among the 6 parties involved in trying to get the denuclearlization talks restarted.
The 6-party talks, which have been shelved for over the past 4-years, involve North and South Korea, Russia, China, Japan and the United States.

Zimbabwe elections still on July 31: court rules

The top court in Zimbabwe has ruled the country's national elections will take place on July 31st.
Opposition leader and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangari had been trying to contest the date chosen by President Robert Mugabe.
Tsvangari and the opposition have been trying to have the vote delayed to allow for more international funding and obsevers to roll in.
The forthcoming national elections in Zimbabwe will elect a new president, parliament and local governments.
President Robert Mugabe is looking to extend his 33-year rule.
He'll be up against opposition leader and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangari.

3 students drowned, 1 missing in SW China

Three primary school students are dead and one is missing after falling into a reservoir in Guizhou.
Details as to how the students fell into the reservoir have not been revealed.
The drowning is the latest in a string of accidental drowing deaths being reported here in China in recent days.
The recent heatwave gripping many parts of China is raising concerns about the safety of children looking to escape the heat.

Factory building collapse kills 3 in Shanghai

3 people are dead and 4 others hurt in a factory collapse in Shanghai.
The building went down in the Pudong New Area.
It's believed the structure collapsed after a beam being lifted by a crane crashed into it.
The municipal work safety bureau has launched a full investigation.

Transparency urged in China's college enrollment

The Ministry of Education is asking local authorities and colleges nationwide to ensure transparency in enrollment.
This comes a month after the conclusion of the annual national college entrance exams and the start of the annual enrollment season.
The ministry has also issued a call for ensuring students' personal information is secure.
College admissions which are found to have been granted via bribes or other means will be revoked.





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