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Egypt's ousted president Morsi held by authorities

It's being reported Mohamed Morsi is being held under house arrest by Egyptian authorities.
This follows his ouster as President by the Egyptian military.
Some 300 members of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood also reportedly have warrants out for their arrest.
At least two leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood have reportedly already been detained.
The Muslim Brotherhood is denouncing Morsi's ouster as a military coup.
Morsi himself says he remains the legitimate president of Egypt.
The Egyptian military has expelled Morsi from office following days of demonstrations against his rule.
The head of Egypt's Supreme Constitutional Court is going to be sworn in as the interim leader until new elections can be held.
A time-frame for new elections has not been set.
The country's constition has also been suspended.
Sporatic violence is being reported across many parts of Egypt in the wake of the moves, with clashes between the Islamic supporters of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood and their opponents.
At least 8 deaths are being reported, on top of hundreds of others being injured.
The US embassy in Cairo is evacuating its non-essential personell.
At the same time, the White House has issued a statement, with President Barack Obama expressing "deep concern" about the military coup.
Washington is calling on the Egyptian military to "quickly and responsibly" return "full authority" to the civilian government.

Morales' plane heads back to Bolivia after refuels on Gran Canaria

Bolivian President Evo Morales is on his way back to his country, after being held up in Europe amid suspicion his plane was harboring NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.
It's been reported Morales' plane was barred from French and Portugese airspace on Wednesday after leaving Moscow.
His plane was then grounded in Vienna, Austria for some 13 hours.
Morales was eventually able to refuel his plane on the Grand Canary Islands to allow him to continue his journey back to Bolivia.
Morales and the Bolivian government issued official denials they were harboring Edward Snowden, who has been in diplomatic limbo after having his passport revoked while in the international transit lounge of Moscow's main airport.

EU "committed" to transatlantic partnership but wants spying probe: Barroso

The head of the European Commission says the EU remains committed to it's planned trans-Atlantic Partnership with the United States.
But at the same time, EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso says EU authorities want a probe into the US spying scandal.
Barosso is warning there can't be free trade discussions until the US opens a dialogue with EU officials over the activities of its intelligence services and the protection of EU private data.
The comments come following word this week the US government has been spying on EU offices and internal EU computer networks on both sides of the Atlantic.
US-EU trade talks are scheduled to begin on Monday.

Nelson Mandela breaths by machine for at least six day: family

New reports are suggesting former South African President Nelson Mandela's condition has been much worse than South African officials have been letting on.
In court documents filed by members of Mandela's family, it's been revealed the 94-year old has been breathing via medical life-support for the past 6-days.
His condition is being described in the court documents as "perilous."
The papers were submitted to the courts this past Friday by his family in an attempt to try to retrieve the remains of three of Mandela's children.
Current South African President Jacob Zuma has been telling the people to begin preparing to celebrate Mandela's 95th birthday, which falls on July 18th.
Mandela has been hosptialized with a serious lung infection, and has been listed in critical condition since June 23rd.

Belgian King says to abdicate in favor of crown prince

Belgium's King is giving up his throne.
King Albert II is abdicating in favor of his eldest son, Philippe.
The 79-year old Albert is citing "age and health" as the main reasons for his decision to give up his crown.
The 53-year old Philippe, a fighter pilot who holds degrees from many of the world's top universities, will take over the throne in Belgium on July 21st.
King Albert, while not holding political power, has been seen as a unifying force in Belgium amid the political tensions among the country's French and Dutch-speaking factions which left the country without a government for 541-days in 2010 and 2011.
The abdication of Albert comes just three months after Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands gave up her crown to her son, Willem Alexander.

Chinese premier calls for closer cooperation with Uganda

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang is calling for closer cooperation with Uganda
The call has come following a meeting with Ugandan Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi here in Beijing.
Li Keqiang and Mbabazi both say they want to advance broader bilateral ties, as well as political ties between their respective political parties.
This follows a new concensus reached between China and Uganda by Chinese President Xi Jinping during the recent BRICS summit.

6th round of China- S. Korea FTA talks held in Pusan

Free trade talks between China and South Korea are underway in the South Korean city of Pusan.
This is the 6th round of talks since the two sides started FTA negotiations last May.
The latest talks are focused on coming up with a plan to lower tariffs and reduce obstacles to enter one-another's market.





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