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Pakistan PM visits China with trade high on agenda

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is set to kick start his official visit to China later on today.
Trade and energy cooperation trade and the environment are expected to dominate the week-long visit.
The proposed economic corridor linking the strategic Gwadar Port with the western Chinese region of Xinjiang is expected to top Sharif's agenda in Beijing.
This is Nawaz Sharif's first foreign trip since assuming office last month.

Chinese FM voices firm stance on South China Sea

China's Foreign Minister has been pressing China's claims over the South China Sea at the ASEAN foreign ministers meeting in Brunei.
Wang Yi has told over 20 of his counterparts from Asia and around the world the Chinese government has an "unwavering resolve" to uphold its sovereignty and maritime rights in the region.
His comments are an apparent response to suggestions made by the Philippines this week, stating Huangyan Island and the Ren'ai Reef in the South China Sea are "occupied".
The Philippine statment came after the Philippine delegation failed to force the disputes in the South China Sea into a joint communiqué at the regional meeting.

Heavy rains kill 11, affect millions in SW China

Local authorities in Sichuan say storms and flooding in the central and northern parts of the province have left 11 people dead.
Four others are listed as missing.
Torrential rains have battered the area since Saturday.
So far nearly 120-thousand people have been relocated.
The rains in northern and central Sichuan are expected to continue until Friday.

1 killed, dozens injured after 6.2-magnitude quake hit Indonesia

The death toll from a strong earthquake in northern Indonesia still stands at 6.
Dozens have been hurt in the 6.2-magnitude quake, which hit the northern tip of Sumatra Tuesday afternoon.
The province of Aceh is the epicenter of the quake.
This is the same location which spawned the magnitude-9 quake and tsunami in late 2004 which left tens of thousands dead around the Indian ocean.
Tuesday's quake did not generate a tsunami.

Morsi rejects military ultimatum

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi is rejecting the army's 48-hour ultimatum to bring an end to the country's political unrest.
Morsi is asking the military to withdraw the ultimatum.
The 48-hour window is set to expire later on this Wednesday.
Morsi has released a statement, saying he will continue with his own plans for national reconciliation.
Meantime, clashes between the opponents and supporters of Morsi are continuing to spread across the country.
Clashes between Morsi supporters and opponents have left 7 people dead and over 70 others hurt through Tuesday.

More countries turn down Snowden's asylum request

A growing number of countries are turning down asylum requests from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.
These countries include India, Austria and Brazil.
Ecuador is also on-record saying it can't consider Snowden's asylum request until he reaches their territory.
Wikileaks, which is offering legal help to Snowden, says he has requests before 21 different countries for save harbor.
He's also reportedly withdrawn his asylum request with Russia.

Portugal FM resigned

Portugal's presidential office has confirmed Foreign Minister Paulo Portas has resigned.
Without the support of Portas' party, the current Portugese government will lose its majority in parliament.
Portas' resignation comes just a day after the resignation of Finance Minister Vitor Gaspar.
Portas has been at odds with Prime Minister Pedro Coelho and Vitor Gaspar's strong adherence to austerity measures.

U.S. Fed adopts higher capital standards for banks

The US Federal Reserve has approved tougher capital reserve requirements for banks.
Under the new rules, minimum requirements will increase for both the quantity and quality of capital held by banks.
All banks will need to maintain a level of high-quality capital equal to 4.5-percent of their risk-weighted assets.
It also raises the minimum ratio for tier-1 capital from 4 percent to 6-percent and includes a minimum leverage ratio of 4 percent for all banking organizations.

80 pct of trafficking cases in Vietnam target women, children

Vietnamese authorities are suggesting up to 80 percent of trafficking cases in Vietnam target women and children.
The new stats have been released ahead of a new international coordiation project being launched by Vietnamese authorities to try to tackle human trafficking.
Statistics in Vietnam show that since 2005, there have been over 32-hundred documented cases of human trafficking.
More than 80 percent of them were taken out of the country.
Human trafficking is said to be becoming a growing problem along the border among Vietnam, Laos and the Chinese province of Yunnan.

China building emergency radio broadcast network

The Chinese government is constructing a special emergency radio broadcasting system to spread rescue and relief information to disaster-affected areas.
The network is due to be put into operation by the end of 2015.
The plan is inspired by a similar but smaller-scale radio network established after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Lushan County in Sichuan in April.
The service will broadcast both relief measures and secondary disaster warnings via loudspeakers, AM radio and frequencies after a disaster strikes.



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