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China vows to continue fight against terrorism

Chinese government is promising to join forces with other countries in cracking down on terrorist organizations.
The comments come following violent incidents in Xinjiang recently.
One organization the Chinese authorities are planning on targeting is the East Turkestan movement.
The group is a sepratist terrorist group in Xinjiang.
A violent attack against a local government compound and police officers in Shanshan County near the city of Turpan in Xinjiang left two dozen people dead.
The Chinese government says it will take "necessary measures" to punish those involved under the law.
The government also says it's fully confident in ensuring peace and stability in Xinjiang.

China refutes Philippines' accusations of militarizing South China Sea

The Chinese government is refuting accusations by the Philippines' that China's military build-up threatens peace in the South China Sea.
The comments have come from Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert Del Rosario during this week's ASEAN foreign ministers' meeting in Brunei.
The Chinese government is repeating its stand that it holds the indisputable rights over the Nansha Islands and their surrounding waters.
The Chinese side also says it is committed to safeguarding the peace and stability in the South China Sea.

South China Sea issue not between China and US: Chinese foreign minister

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has told his US counterpart John Kerry the disputes in the South China Sea "should not be an issue between China and the United States".
The two foreign chiefs have met on the sidelines of the ASEAN foreign ministers' meeting in Brunei.
Wang Yi is calling on the US government to "understand and respect" the Chinese government's role in the region.

China, Russia to hold joint military drills

Military officials have confirmed China and Russia will hold a pair of joint military drills in the coming weeks.
Armed forces from the two countries are set to hold a naval drill in the Sea of Japan later this week.
The two sides are also expected to hold their regular anti-terrorism drill by the end of this month.
The Chinese military is stressing the forthcoming drills are not targeting any third party.

Egyptian army sets 48 hours as deadline before intervention

In a bid to bring the current political situation to a conclusion, the Egyptian Army has given the government of Mohamed Morsi 48-hours to come up with a solution to end the unrest.
Mass demonstrations which began on Sunday have been swelling, with protesters demanding the ouster of Morsi.
The head of the Egyptian military has broadcast a speech on State TV, declaring a "last chance" for all parties to meet the demands of the people.
A protest movement says it's gathered some 22-million signatures, demanding Morsi step down and call fresh elections.
The current unrest in Egypt, which has so far left 16 dead since Sunday, is being described as the largest political unrest since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak in 2011.

Snowden formally asks political asylum in Russia

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has officially asked for political asylum in Russia.
The 29-year old has issued the request to the Russian foreign ministry.
The Kremlin has yet to respond to word of Snowden's request.
Snowden remains stucks in the international transit lounge at Moscow's main airport.
He's unable to travel, as the US government has revoked his passport.
Snowden has been stuck in Moscow since arriving there on a flight from Hong Kong two Sunday's ago.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he'd consider granding asylum to Snowden, as long as he brings his human rights campaigning to an end and stops hurting US interests.
While technically not on Russian soil, Snowden's presence in Moscow has created tensions between Moscow and Washington.

S. African people to plan for Mandela's birthday: Zuma

Current South Africa president Jacob Zuma is calling on the country to begin preparing for the birthday of ailing former President Nelson Mandela.
Mandela's birthday falls on July 18th.
Zuma's call has led to speculation Mandela's condition may be improving.
He's been in critical condition in hospital in Pretoria since June 23rd with a serious lung infection.
Mandela will turn 95 on the 18th.

Tropical Storm Rumbia makes landfall

Tropical storm Rumbia has made landfall in western Guangdong.
The storm, classified as a severe tropical storm, is making a direct line for the city of Zhangjiang.
The storm is packing winds of around 100-kilometers per hour.
The approach in the South China Sea yesterday forced boats in Hainan to return to port yesterday morning to avoid being caught up in the potentially deadly weather.
The Hong Kong Observatory is forecasting Rumbia will continue in a northerly direction into Guangxi and Guizhou before eventually disappating in the next 36 to 48-hours.

China launches anti-dumping probes into EU wine

China's Ministry of Commerce has officially announced plans to launch a year-long anti-dumping investigation into wine imported from the EU.
The probe will look at whether the EU is unfairly subsidizing and dumping its wines in the Chinese market.
The ministry says the investigation comes in response to an application from the China Alcoholic Drinks Association.
Authorities say the probes are expected to end in one year, but it could be extended into to 2015.




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