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China willing to work with ASEAN to safeguard peace in South China Sea


ASEAN foreign ministers are calling for better engagement with the Chinese government when it comes to the various disputes in the South China Sea.

ASEAN foreign ministers are suggesting it's necessary to maintain a "positive momentum" in the interactions among ASEAN countries and the Chinese government over the issue.

For his part, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says the Chinese government is willing to work with the ASEAN nations to push forward a broader code of conduct in the South China Sea.

China and ASEAN countries are also promising to hold senior official-level meetings in September in China in connection with the South China Sea.



Fugitive of Xinjiang attack captured


Authorities in Xinjiang say they've apprehended all those involved in last week's rioting near the city of Turpan.

Authorities are describing the 17 people involved in the attack as religious extremists.

One was arrested a day prior to the incident.

Police say the rest of the group, fearing their plans might be revealed, launched the assault on the local police station in Shanshan County.

They also attacked a construction site and a number of other local businesses.

In the end, 24 people were killed, including 2 police officers.

21 others were hurt in the assault, which saw the attackers hack away at people with knives.



4 killed in Egypt's anti-president protest


Massive demonstrations against the rule of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi are continuing to sweep across the country.

The demonstrations in Cairo and elsewhere across the country have been launched to mark the one-year anniversary of Morsi's taking office.

So far four people have been killed amid the demonstrations.

Dozens of others have been hurt.

Protesters in Cairo have also set fire to the main offices of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood.

While there have been a number of violent acts, the vast majority of the demonstrations have remained mostly peaceful.



17 wounded in Turkey during protests backing Gezi Park demonstrations


Fresh protests in Turkey have left at least 17 people hurt.

Police have been using water cannons and tear gas to disperse protesters in the southern province of Mersin.

The anti-government demonstrations are part of the larger movement which first began in Istanbul a month ago.

So far 5 people have been killed in the demonstrations.

Around 5-thousand others have been hurt in the protests against the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.



28 killed, over 60 injured in suicide attack in SW Pakistan


Close to 30 people have been killed in a suicide bombing in Pakistan.

The attack has taken place in the southwestern city of Quetta.

A suicide bomber has reportedly targeted a Shia religious seminary in the city

Authorities say they fear the number of deaths is going to rise, as many of the roughly 60 others hurt are said to be in critical condition.



EU anger at US bugging


European officials are railing against reports US intelligence agencies have bugged EU offices on both sides of the Atlantic.

It's being repurted US surveillance agents have been targeting various European officials.

The US National Security Agency has been under heavy scrutity following the leaks by whistleblower Edward Snowden, who revealed the NSA has been collecting and reviewing vast amounts of foreign Internet traffic.

The US government has been defending its so-called PRISM program, arguing it has helped prevent terrorist attacks.



Palestinian official acknowledges Kerry makes slight progress in peace process


A senior Palestinian official has acknowledged US Secretary of State John Kerry has made some slight progress in restarting peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel.

However, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says Kerry has fallen short of creating a resumption of peace talks.

The talks between the Israeli and Palestinian sides have been stalled since 2010.

Meanwhile, Hamas, which controls Gaza, is calling for a rejection of Kerry's overtures.



Downpours kill at least 14 in China


At least 14 people are dead following a series of heavy rains and landslides in various parts of China this weekend.

8 people are dead and one other is missing after torrential rains hammered the city of Erdos in Inner Mongolia yesterday afternoon.

Meanwhile, in Anhui, at least 4 people are dead and 4 others missing following massive rains in the tourist city of Huangshan.

And two others are dead and 5 others missing in rains in Sichuan.

Forecasters are warning the rains are expected to continue across the same parts of China throughout the day today.



China PMI drops to four month low


The official Purchasing Managers Index, the main gauge of manufacturing activity, has dropped to 50.1 in June.

That is 0.7 lower than the previous month.

50.1 also represents the lowest levels in four months.

The PMI being above 50 still indicates expansion.



PLA hosts annual open day in Hong Kong


The Chinese military has held its annual public opening in Hong Kong this weekend.

Sunday's open-house at the PLA headquarters in the city yesterday has been held to mark today's 16th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to China from British control.

On top of opening up the doors to the public, the People's Liberation Army has also taken part in anti-terrorism drills.

The PLA bases have been hosting open houses since Hong Kong was repatriated on July 1st, 1997.

A large-scale celebration marking the handover is to be held later on today in Hong Kong.



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