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Militants who attacked foreign mountaineers' camp in Pakistan identified

Authorities in Pakistan say they've managed to identify the individuals behind the systematic murder of 10 foreigners, including a pair of Chinese nationals, earlier this week.
The group was gunned down while on a mountaineering trip in Pakistani-controlled Kashmir overnight on Monday.
Pakistani authorities say a group of 15 or 16 militants were involved in the attack.
They believe the attackers have split up into groups, but remain in the mountain region near where the deadly attack took place.
The militants, said to be allied with the Pakistani-Taliban, abducted a local guide, then forced him to take them to the camp where the foreign mountaineers were staying.
Among the dead is a veteran Chinese mountaineer.
One Chinese national managed to escape and survived the deadly assault.

Rudd returns as Australian PM after ousting Gillard

Kevin Rudd is set to become Australia's Prime Minister once-again.
The former Prime Minister has defeated Labor Party leader and incumbent Prime Minister Julia Gillard in a party leadership ballot.
As such, Rudd will resume his role as the Australian PM once sworn in by the country's Governor-General.
Rudd's return to power comes almost 3-years after he was ousted in a Labor Party uprising against his leadership.
He takes control of the Labor Party and the Prime Ministership just months ahead of the national election, which is widely expected to see the Conservatives return to power.
For her part, Julia Gillard is promising to retire from politics.

Mandela on life support

Reports out of South Africa are suggesting former President Nelson Mandela is now on life support.
Word of this follows another update from President Jacob Zuma, who says Mandela remains in critical condition.
Crowds have begun swelling outside Mandela's hospital in Pretoria.
The 94-year old has been in hospital for close to 3-weeks with a serious lung infection.

Egyptian president calls for forming commission to amend constitution

Egypt's President is calling for the formation of an independent commission to ammend the country's constitution.
In a televised address, Mohamed Morsi says he wants to see all political forces and parties involved in the process.
He's also calling for the formation of commission to deal with national reconciliation.
The call comes just days ahead of planned mass-demonstrations against his rule.
Sunday's planned demonstrations will coincide with the one-year anniversary of him taking office.
Morsi has tapped his interior minister to set up specialized units to deal with any violence stemming from the planned demonstrations.
In a move to try to placate the demonstrators, Morsi has ordered all his ministers to appoint deputies under the age of 40.

Obama kicks off visit to Africa

US President Barack Obama has begun a 3-nation tour of Africa.
Obama is due to visit Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa.
The trip is being viewed as his administration's attempt to become more engaged in African affairs.
It's unclear if Obama's time in South Africa will be affected by the declining health of former South African President Nelson Mandela.
Economics and counter-terrorism are expected to be high on Obama's African agenda.

U.S. Supreme Court rulings expand homosexuals' right to marry

The US Supreme Court has issued a pair of rulings which should expand gay marriage rights.
The top court in the United States has shot down the Defense of Marriage Act, known as DOMA.
DOMA - signed into law by former US President Bill Clinton - banned same-sex couples from recieving federal benefits if they're legally married.
Gay marriage is already legal in over a dozen US states, but has never been sanctified on a federal level in the United States.

SCO defense chiefs vows to maintain regional peace, combat terrorism

Defense ministers of the member-states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have met in Kyrgyzstan's capital of Bishkek.
The group is promising to enhance coordination in dealing with regional security, terrorism and organized crime.
The one-day meeting has included the defense chiefs from China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
The ministers have also agreed to hold a joint military exercise next year here in China.

China's top legislature opens bi-monthly session, considers harsher legislation against polluters

The latest session of the National People's Congress is underway.
The bi-monthly meeting of the top legislature is discussing a series of new amendments, including a draft connected to environmental protection.
The draft includes stronger punishments for polluters.
As part of the new legislation, companies and organizations that intentionally evade supervision or knowingly pollute will face prosecution.
A new ammendment has also been added to protect the public's right to obtain environmental information.

China to make efforts to preserve online privacy

China's State Internet Information Office is preparing to launch a new campaign to prevent online breaches of privacy and information leaks.
The campaign is focused on blogs and microblogs that are set up with other people's names.
It will also target the leaks of people's personal information, secretly recorded audio or video and slanderous statements.
Local police departments will also be involved in the crackdown.





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