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Chinese president extend greetings to astronauts

Chinese President Xi Jinping has extended his greetings to the three astronauts aboard the orbiting space module Tiangong-1.
"The special lecture you provided to students few days ago is very inspiring. It will help to stimulate the student's interests in science and outer space. The space dream is part of the dream to make China stronger. With the development of space programs, China will take bigger strides to explore further into the space."
Xi Jinping has sent the message after the astronauts aboard the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft re-entered the Tianggong-1 space lab after completing a manual docking on Sunday.
The team will now carry out scientific experiments on the space module.
It's being reported the three will return back to earth this Wednesday after spending 15 days in space.
The Tiangong-1 space lab has been in orbit for over 600 days.
It will remain in service for another three months.

6月24日上午,中共中央总书记习近平前往北京航天飞行测控中心,与正在天宫一号执行任务的三位航天员进行天地通话。[Photo: Xinhua]

10 foreigners among 11 killed in attack in N. Pakistan

Two Chinese nationals are among 10 foreigners murdered in northern Pakistan.
The Chinese citizens were among a group of 11 people gunned down by the Pakistani Taliban.
The Taliban says the killing is in retaliation for a drone attack which left one of its top leaders dead.
The group was mountaineering in northern Pakistan.
One of the Chinese nationals in the group managed to survive.
He's currently in hospital in Islamabad.
So far no suspects have been detained.
The Chinese government has issued a statement, strongly condemning the attack.

Ailing former South African president Mandela's condition deteriorates: local media

It's being reported former South African president Nelson Mandela's condition is worsening.
The 94-year old has been in hospital for over 2-weeks.
The office of the Presidency in South Africa is reporting Mandela is in critical condition.
Mandela has been struggling with a lung infection.

Ecuador confirms receiving asylum request from NSA whistleblower Snowden

Ecuador's Foreign Minister has confirmed NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has requested asylum in Ecuador.
The government of Ecuador has said they would consider a request from Snowden for asylum.
Ecuador is currently shielding Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at its embassy in the UK.
It's believed Snowden is currently in Russia, after leaving from Hong Kong this weekend.
The legal team for Julian Assange is said to be assisting Snowden, who is trying to elude prosecution in the United States.

2.5 mln people partook in anti-gov't protests across Turkey: report

Thousands of ethnic Turks have held an anti-government protest in Istanbul.
Protesters have been blasting the various government reforms, as well as what they say is discrimination or threats against ethnic Alevites in parts of Turkey.
More and more women and young people are said to be joining the demonstrations.
It's being reported around 2.5-million protesters have taken to the streets across Turkey since the unrest erupted three weeks ago.
The protests began as a peaceful sit-in, but soon snowballed into a nationwide anti-government movement.
At least five people have been killed. Around 4-thousand have been hurt.
Just under 5-thousand have been arrested.
Total damage is estimated at over 70-million U.S. dollars.

Albania's election marred by shooting, ruling coalition, opposition both claim victory

National elections have concluded in Albania, with both the current coalition government and the opposition claiming victory.
Prime Minister Sali Berisha's government says its polling shows it's taken the victory.
However, the Socialist opposition is also claiming victory.
The voting in Albania has been marred by the killing of an opposition supporter.
The man was among 4 people shot during a confrontation at a polling station in a town north of the capital, Tirana.
One of the opposition candidates for parliament was wounded, though not seriously.
The preliminary results of the vote are due to be released later on this Monday.

Man detained after allegedly killing 6 in Shanghai

A man is in custody in Shanghai after allegedly killing 6 people.
Authorities say the 62-year old beat one of his colleagues to death, then went on a separate rampage, killing 5 others.
The suspect reportedly killed the 5 others with a hunting rifle.
Among the others killed is a police officer and a soldier.
Authorities say the rampage began as a dispute over the transfer of factory equiptment.
The suspect is said to be a director at a chemical company.

High-speed rail expands ticket discount

China's high-speed rail system is set to launch a summer discount for business cabins, state cabins and first-class seats on certain lines.
This will be the first time the high-speed rail system will offer discounts for first-class seats.
The second-class seats, which are the most popular, are still being excluded from the discounts.
The China Railway Corporation says the discounts will cut first-class seat prices by 20 percent.
The discounted tickets will be available for certain sections of the Beijing-Guangzhou and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail lines.
The discounts will run from July 10th to August 31st.





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