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China and Vietnam sign strategic partnership deal

China and Vietnam have signed off on a new strategic partnership.
The agreement has been signed as part of a meeting between visiting Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang and Chinese President Xi Jinping here in Beijing.
The agreement also covers issues connected to border defense and the management of accidents at sea.
In issuing statements following the meeting, Xi Jinping says the key to settling issues in the South China Sea is through bilateral negotiations.
For his part, Truong Tan Sang says the Vietnamese side is willing to handle issues in the South China Sea through consultations.
The Vietnamese President is due to meet with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang later today before travelling to Guangdong.

Chinese vice premier in Russia to strengthen ties, energy cooperation

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli is in Russia to discuss energy cooperation.
As part of his 4-day stay in St. Petersburg, Zhang is due to oversee the signing of a number of agreements among Chinese and Russian energy companies.
He is also scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, on top of business leaders in the energy sector.
Zhang is also scheduled to attend the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.
This is an annual gathering of world political and business elite similar to the World Economic Forum.

2 killed, 150 injured after restaurant blasts in N China

At least two people are dead following a series of explosions in a restaurant in Shanxi.
Over 150 others have been hurt in the blasts in the city of Shuozhou, which is about 150-kilometers north of the provincial capital, Taiyuan.
Of those injured, over a dozen are said to be suffering serious injuries.
Initial indications are the explosions could be the result of a gas leak.
However, the exact cause of the blasts remains unclear.

Floods' death toll rises to two in SW France

At least two people have been killed in flash flooding in southwestern France.
Massive rains have been innondating the Pyrenees region of France near the border with Spain this week.
The torrential downpours have isolated whole villages, and has led to the evacuation of close to 3-thousand people.
Some 600 emergency personell in France have been activated and deployed to the region to help cope with the flooding.

Hamas negotiates with West to stop being listed as terror organization

Officials with Hamas have revealed the group has been in negotiations with US and European officials to try to have itself withdrawn from global terrorist lists.
A senior official with the Palestinian organization has revealed the talks have been taking place in Egypt and other countries.
At the same time, Hamas has also been trying to build up contacts with other political organizations around the world.
The group, which took over control of the Gaza Strip in 2007, has long been deemed a terrorist organization for its support of attacks against Israel.

Shenzhou-10's live lecture from space scheduled

Astronauts aboard the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft are set to conduct a teaching session through a live video feed later this morning.
The Astronauts will give a lesson to secondary and elementary school students while in orbit.
They will also conduct basic physics experiments inside the Tiangong-1 space lab to show people what it's like to work and live in a zero-gravity environment.
A special classroom has been set up at a high School here in Beijing where about 330 students will be able to interact with the astronauts via the video call.
About 60 million teachers and students nationwide are expected to watch the live lecture as well.

China's interbank rates swing back to high level

Borrowing costs among Chinese banks is spiking once again this week.
The overnight Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate, or SHIBOR, is sitting at just under 7.7-percent.
The SHIBOR overnight rate started the week at 4.8-percent, after hitting a record high on June 9th of nearly 9.6-percent interest.
The return to higher interest rates comes after the People's Bank of China drained another 2-billion yuan worth of liquidity from the money market on Tuesday.
It's widely believed the move is a warning to the country's banking system to reign in credit amid broader concerns about the state of the overall economy.

Beckham continues his promotional tour in Shanghai

David Beckham is in Shanghai today to talk to university students and football fans.
The global Ambassador for Chinese football is making appearances during a week-long tour through China to help promote the sport and develop a domestic fan base.
Beckham's promotional role is part of Chinese football authorities strategy to revitalize the sport.
The football star will next go to Hangzhou, where he will watch a Chinese Super League match between Hangzhou and Beijing Guoan.





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