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China rejects spy claims against Snowden

The Chinese government is brushing aside comments by former US vice-President Dick Cheney in connection with the NSA whistleblower case.
Cheney has expressed suspicion that Edward Snowden chose to travel to Hong Kong because he is a Chinese agent.
The Chinese foreign ministry has since responded, calling the claim "sheer nonsense."
The 29-year-old former CIA-contractor fled to Hong Kong last month after exposing two classified U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programs.
He's vowing to try to fight any attempt to extradite him back to face charges in the US.

China to hold strategic talk with North Korea

The Chinese government has announced it's going to hold a round of strategic talks with North Korea tomorrow.
The talks are expected to cover issues including bilateral ties and the overall situation on the Korean Peninsula.
Over the weekend, North Korea proposed high-level talks with the US in an effort to try to ease tensions.
The U.S. government has since responded, saying it is open to dialogue, as long as there are credible negotiations that involve North Korea following the U.N. resolutions currently imposed on it.

Gov't bans private adoptions of abandoned infants

The central authorities here in China are banning individuals and groups from secretly adopting abandoned babies.
7 ministerial departments have issued a joint notice requiring local committees and police to be immediately informed if a child is found abandoned.
The circular has been issued after revelations of a number of cases of children being abandoned or unsupervised here in China.
The circular also says if police can't find the natural parents or guardians of an abandoned child, they have to transfer the child to a government-sanctioned home for temporary care.

Over 50 killed in flash flood in northern India

Over 50 people have been killed in flash flooding in northern India since the weekend.
Hundreds of others have been marooned and trapped in the early monsoon flooding.
Dozens of villages have been completed innondated by flood waters.
While the rains have knocked down the repressive summer heat in the capital, Delhi, they've also led to wide-spread flooding in the low-lying areas of the city.

At least 5 soldiers killed in Mozambique attack

At least 5 soldiers are dead and one other missing, after an attack on their military depot in the southern African country of Mozambique.
Two others have been hurt in the attack.
A local independent media outlet in Mozambique is reporting the attack could be the work of the country's main opposition, called Renamo.
The group has been blamed for previous attacks on military targets in Mozambique.
Renamo fought a 16-year guerrilla war against the government of Mozambique for 16-years in the late 70's to 1992.

Iran to be more "transparent" in nuclear issue: president- elect

Iran's president-elect says his country is going to be more "transparent" when it comes to its nuclear program.
Hassan Rouhani, who won the election outright on Friday, admits the sanctions being imposed on Iran are a problem.
At the same time, he notes the economic restrictions are also problematic for the countries imposing them, noting the economic downturn in the United States and Europe.
Rouhani says it's his plan to "further activate" talks with the P5+1 group.
The president-elect once served as Iran's lead nuclear negotiator.

G8 summit gets underway, launching formal talks on free trade agreement

The latest G8 Summit is underway in the UK.
The 2-day gathering of the leaders of the world's 8 largest industrialized economies in Northern Ireland is focusing mainly on economic issues.
Among the discussions are the start of the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the US and the EU.
Those talks are set to begin next month.
Other issues, including the situation in Syria, are also being discussed.

Greek top administrative court rules against shutdown of state broadcaster

Greece's top administrative court has ruled against the government's move last week to shut down the country's state broadcaster.
The Council of State has ruled state-broadcaster ERT should remain open during the restructuring of the organization.
The government of Greece originally decided to shut down the state broadcasting facility last week, then reopen a leaner operation later this summer.
The move led to the immediate layoff of hundreds of ERT employees, and created massive demonstrations by the Greek public.

Manned sub Jiaolong completes deep-sea dive

The Jiaolong manned deep-sea submersible has completed a deep-sea dive in the South China Sea as part of its latest mission.
The submersible and its crew of three dove to a depth of about 14-hundred meters during the dive.
The submersible is on a 4-month mission that will include experiments and biological surveys in both the South China Sea and the Pacific.
The Jiaolong dove to a record depth of over 7-thousand meters last year.
The current mission is the start of a 5-year trial period before the Jiaolong goes into regular operation.





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