NYC Protesters Urge Government to Bail out People, not Banks
    2009-04-04 06:02:06     Xinhua      Web Editor: Xu Liuliu
Braving heavy and steady rains, hundreds of angry New Yorkers on Friday protested against the bailout of Wall Street and banks, urging the U.S. government to care more about the people who need jobs and medical care.

"We are very, very upset because so many Americans have lost their jobs, but the government seems only to care about Wall Street and AIG (American International Group) and sort of things," said Gavrille Gemma with the Bail Out The People Movement, which, together with other organizations, staged the protest in Wall Street.

Dubbed "The March on Wall Street: Bail Out The People Not The Banks," the protest attracted huge crowds of on-lookers although it was raining steadily almost the whole afternoon.

Many protesters criticized the capitalist system, which they said helped AIG and other companies "steal" money from "poor Americans." This was clearly reflected by the words on such banners which say "Capitalism is Dead" and "Go to the Hell, Capitalism." 

After speakers from different organizations voiced their anger and views one by one in the corner between Wall Street and Broadway, protesters ambled through the narrow streets of New York 's financial district, past the offices of JPMorgan Chase & Co., American Express, the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve and AIG.

Their noise could be heard in nearby offices.

Several of the companies posted security guards outside their entrances.

"Just look at these people! Some are old and in poor health, but they have no medical care; Some haven't been able to find a job for months to support their families," said Richard Gayes in his 60s. "They need help, but the government only put billions of dollars to save big banks but to the ignorance of these poor people."

Shouting "Bail out the people, not the banks," "Shame on Wall Street," a female protester who only gave her name as Jenniffer said the U.S. government must stop doing "silly things" and "be wise enough" so as to become "a real government of the people, for the people and by the people."

The march ended at the iconic bull statue near Wall Street. The crowd planned a second protest on Saturday, which coincides with the assassination of Martin Luther King.

Police said four marchers who tried to block traffic by walking down the middle of Broadway were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

The Bail Out the People Movement posted a statement on its website immediately after the marchers were arrested, demanding the release of all arrestees.

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