CPC Announces Decision on Comprehensive Reform
• China to Abolish Reeducation through Labor
China will abolish the "reeducation through labor" system as part of efforts to improve human rights and judicial practices, said a key decision by the Communist Party of China on Friday. China to Ease One-child Policy ; Xi Jinping Expounds Security Commission Role
• China to Ease One-child Policy
China will loosen its decades-long one-child population policy, allowing couples to have two children if one of them is an only child, according to a key decision issued on Friday by the Communist Party of China.
• China to Reduce Capital Punishment "Step by Step"
China will reduce the number of crimes subject to death penalty "step by step," said a key policy document of the Communist Party of China published Friday. China's Constitution Is Secure: Reform Decision ; China to Improve Grass-roots Law-enforcement
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• Tackling Overcapacity in Steel Industry
• What Are the Next Steps of China's Financial Reform?
• China's Reform Is Win-win for China and U.S.
• Communique Brings More Chances to Private Sector: Business Owners
• Reform and Opening Up 2.0 Needs Real Courage
• From Basic to Decisive: What Does It Mean for the Market?
• CPC Rolls out Grand Plan to Deepen Reforms, Vows Free Market
• Gov't Publicizes Clean Hands on TV in NW China
• Expert: China to Promote Development of Gov't and Eco Protection
• Political Advisors Discuss Reform Plan
• CPC Plenum, Reform Blueprint Are of Great Significance to China, World: Overseas Experts
• Expert Interprets CPC's Reform Package
• New Team to Promote China's Reform Plan
• Chinese Vice Premier Elaborates on Higher Education Reform
• "Corruption on Wheels" Still Rampant despite Strict Rules
• Urbanization, Legal Reform Big Challenges Faced by Chinese Leaders: Foreign Experts
• Heated Discussion over Loosening of One-child Policy
• Birth Policy Changes Are No Big Deal
• Rural Reform, Step by Step
 Reports from Foreign Media
• China Points to Social Welfare Reforms Needed for Urbanization Drive
• Reuters: China Premier Warns Against Loose Money Policies
• BBC News: China's Service Sector Growth Hits 1-year High
 Reform Keywords
Reforms on Income Distribution and Household Registration Systems (Hukou)
- to launch detailed regulations on income distribution
- to confirm ownership, access and other rights of rural land to expedite exchanges of land and provide more financial opportunities to farmers
Land Reforms
- to fairly compensate farmers on land requisition. Compensation should be flexibly adapted based on the development of economy
Tax Reforms
- to initially promote value-added taxes in telecommunication, railway and architectural construction, with the aim of expanding the tax program nationwide
The Monopoly of State-Owned-Enterprises (SOE)
- to break the monopoly of central government-owned enterprises
Financial Reforms
- to speed up the Chinese currency participating in global market, to relax restrictions over capital account
  Past Key 3rd Plenary Sessions
The 3rd Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee (Oct.9-12, 2008)

Promote rural reforms

The session urged strengthening governing system development in rural areas, promote modern agricultural methods and enhance agricultural industry production capacities and public services.

The 3rd Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee (Oct.11-14, 2003)

Improve market economy structures

The session encouraged development in non-private sectors, reforms to the SOE sectors, transforming governmental functions, reforms of the dual economic structure and establishing modern property systems.

The 3rd Plenary Session of the 15th CPC Central Committee (Oct.12-14, 1998)

Establish socialist modern rural system

The session proposed a dual land-management system based on family contracts, further reforms on primary products circulation, improving rural market economy and industrializing agriculture.

The 3rd Plenary Session of the 14th CPC Central Committee (Nov.11-14, 1993)

Establish basic structure for market economy

The session established the basic structure for a socialist market economy. It emphasized establishing modern companies, developing a market-driven and macro-focused economy, establishing personal income distribution and welfare systems and deepen reforms on rural economy and economic openings.

The 3rd Plenary Session of the 13th CPC Central Committee (Sep.26-30, 1988)

Clean paths for further reforms

The session established guidelines of developing economy, regulating economic orders and further reforms. It also urged more focus on economic reforms in general.

The 3rd Plenary Session of the 12th CPC Central Committee (Oct.20, 1984)

From rural to urban reforms

The session established the direction, aims, tasks and regulations for reforms that would guide economic change. It also pointed out that China followed a planned commodity economy and urged a transform of the leadership systems in domestic companies.

The 3rd Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee (Dec. 18-22, 1978)

Bring order out of chaos

The session rejected many of Chairman Mao's previous mandates and established a guideline that called for emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, and uniting as one in looking to the future. The session refocused government efforts toward development and adopted the strategic policies of reform and opening up.

 ABC of CPC Central Committee Plenary Session

1st Plenary Session

2nd Plenary Session

3rd Plenary Session

The Communist Party of China (CPC) leaders are elected during the 1st Plenary Session, which is usually held the day after the Party's national congress concludes.

Central government leaders and leaders of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference are nominated. The session is held before the sessions of the newly-formed parliament and top advisory body.

The session often lasts from three to five days and lays out economic reform policies of the new leadership. Members and alternate members of the central committee are expected to attend the session.
 Anti Corruption
Bo Xilai Sentenced to Life Imprisonment
• China Discipline Watchdog's Spending Drops
• China Regulates Officials Working in Enterprises
• China Strengthens Military Inspections Targeting Corruption
• Many Ministers Investigated for Graft since 2008
• China Vice Mayor Probed for Corruption
• Gift Ceramics Market Cracks amid Anti-corruption Campaign
• 15.4% of Online Whistleblowers Are Mistresses
• Corrupt Official Stands Trial in S. China
• Authorities Mull New Measures to Monitor Public Service Vehicles
 Mass Line Campaign
Senior CPC Official Addresses at Meeting of "Mass Line" Educational Campaign
• Li Keqiang Calls for All-round Rural Reform
• Xi Jinping Urges Deepening Reform, Innovation-driven Development
• President Xi Inspects W.Hunan for Poverty Relief Efforts
• Top Leaders Urge Further Carrying Out of "Mass-Line" Campaign
• CPC Officials Told to Efficiently Carry out "Mass-line" Campaign
• Strict, Honest Supervision Urged for "Mass Line" Campaign
• Senior Military Officer Urges "Mass Line" to Lift Combat Preparedness
• CPC Official Calls for Strict Discipline among "Mass Line" Inspectors
• First 259 Units Deployed for "Mass Line" Campaign
 CPC Leaders

Xi Jinping

Li Keqiang

Zhang Dejiang

Yu Zhengsheng

Liu Yunshan

Wang Qishan

Zhang Gaoli
 China's Road to Reform
Scientific Outlook on Development Three Represents Deng Xiaoping Theory Mao Zedong Thought

CPC Rolls out Grand Plan to Deepen Reforms, Vows Free Market

Senior CPC Official Addresses at Meeting of "Mass Line" Educational Campaign

Chinese Premier Speaks at Video Conference on Gov't Reforms

In Pictures: 115th Birthday Anniversary of Zhou Enlai

China, Russia Pledge Closer Cooperation

Xi Urges Overseas Talent to Pursue Chinese Dream

Chinese Leaders Attend Opening Session of 16th National Congress of ACFTU

Cartoon Figures of Chinese Leaders Hot on Internet

Chinese Premier Visits "One-village-one-product" Project in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Premier Li Attends Gala Dinner Held for ASEAN Leaders