Xi Conveys China's Views and Confidence at G20 Summit
   2013-09-07 10:19:57    Xinhua      Web Editor: Mao Yaqing

President Xi Jinping expounded China's views, offered China's proposals and conveyed China's confidence at the latest Group of 20 (G20) summit, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Friday.

Speaking at a press briefing after the two-day event in this Russian city, Wang noted that the summit came as developed countries see some recovery while emerging economies experience economic slowdown amid lingering impact of the international financial crisis.

Against such a backdrop, both developed countries and emerging economies are keeping a close eye on China, said the minister.

Xi, on behalf of China's new leadership, presented a host of new ideas at the summit, including innovative development, interconnected growth and integrated interests, Wang said.

The Chinese president urged G20 members to forge a closer partnership, regard themselves as a community of shared destinies, cooperate with each other amid competition, and achieve win-win results through cooperation.

He also called on all countries to adopt responsible macroeconomic policies, work together to improve global economic governance and safeguard and develop an open world economy.

As the leader of the world's biggest developing country, Xi noted that the world cannot achieve common development without real development in the vast developing world, Wang said.

The Chinese president stressed the need to reform the international financial institutions, push for a fair and inclusive international financial system, and increase the representation and voice of developing countries in global economic governance.

Xi's ideas, many of which were incorporated into the St. Petersburg declaration of G20 leaders, conveyed China's voice and promoted China's status and influence in global economic governance, said Wang.


Xi also briefed other countries on China's economic prospects, stressing that China has become a major engine for world economic growth, Wang said.

At the moment, China maintains good momentum in its economic growth, Xi said, noting that China will unwaveringly deepen reforms and broaden opening-up, while following a win-win strategy of opening-up.

China has the conditions and capability to achieve sustainable and healthy economic growth, making bigger contribution to the world economy, Xi said.

Xi's remarks enabled world leaders to have a more objective and accurate understanding of the current conditions and future prospects of China's economy, Wang said.

It was widely acknowledged at the summit that China has been steadfast in its reform and opening-up and has taken forceful steps. An adjusted Chinese economy will grow with higher quality and offer new and bigger opportunities for the rest of the world, Wang said.


During the summit, Xi also conducted active diplomacy with other participating leaders.

In a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Xi agreed with the Russian president to further promote cooperation in such fields as economy, trade, energy and aviation, and at sub-national levels.

They also vowed to strengthen strategic communication and coordination on major issues, pushing their comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination to a higher level, Wang said.

When meeting with the U.S. president, Xi and Barack Obama reaffirmed their joint efforts to establish a new type of major-country relationship.

They agreed to promote dialogue, deepen cooperation, properly manage and control differences, find more potential points of cooperation and strengthen communication and coordination on international and regional affairs.

The meeting is of great significance to make sure that China-U.S. relations stay on the right track, Wang said.

In meetings with leaders from Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Germany, Xi reached new and important consensus with them to enhance mutual trust and deepen cooperation.

Xi also expounded China's basic position on the Syrian issue, saying that the conflict should be handled in line with the principles of the UN Charter and basic norms in international relations.

Pointing out that it is imperative to seek a political solution to the Syrian issue, Xi demonstrated China's diplomatic principle of safeguarding peace and upholding justice, Wang said.


Xi's attendance at the G20 summit in St. Petersburg marked another major diplomatic move of China, the Chinese foreign minister said.

Xi accurately grasped the changes in the international landscape and the trend of China's development, aligning national conditions with international situations, the interests of developed countries with those of emerging economies, and China's development with global economic growth, Wang said.

At such an important multilateral forum as the G20 summit, Xi also raised proposals that help facilitate the development of the G20 summit mechanism and advance global economic and financial governance, Wang said.

The Chinese president maintained a Chinese perspective while taking into account the interests of all sides in his efforts to expand international consensus and boost global cooperation, Wang said.

Xi, added the minister, presented to the world China's confidence, openness, tolerance and responsibility as a major country, and reaffirmed China's firm resolve to advance reform and opening-up and promote world peace and development.

Under the new circumstances, Wang said, China will make more contributions to world affairs and join hands with the rest of the world to build a harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity.



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