Chinese Mainland Becomes Favorite Choice for US Summer Camp
   2013-07-14 13:53:18      Web Editor: Xu Fei


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With the United States getting increasingly popular among Chinese visitor students, American students also show enthusiasm about a short study tour into China.

A recent visit by St. George's School,a private boarding school in Rhode Island in the US, is taken as a mirror that reflects summer camps in the Chinese mainland are the latest strategy for American students.

CRI's Xiao Yee has the story.

An annual report conducted by the international education authorities in Taiwan recently showed that the number of American students traveling to the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Macao for studies has witnessed an annual increase of 18 percent.

The report also shows that the Chinese mainland has become the most popular holiday destination outside of western Europe among American students.

According to Chen Xiaoyu, a Chinese language teacher at St. George's School, who just finished leading his school's first-ever summer camp program, which took place in China, contextualizes the program as part of a bid to keep up with the trend of enabling young American students to deepen their understanding of China.

Katelin Hutchinson is one of the eight students participating in this four-week long China trip.

"We went to the Great Wall yesterday, which is incredible and one of the coolest things that I've ever seen. But it's also been fun just to explore China and talk to the people. And I've really got a sense about Chinese culture."

Both Katelin Hutchinson and her school mate Lilly Schopp believe the proportion of travel and study in their summer camp program is 50-50. These high school students attended classes in a Shanghai experimental boarding school during theit first two weeks in the city.

Lilly Schopp revealed that gaining proficiency in the Chinese language is one of her main purposes for engaging in this summer camp trip.

"I started taking Chinese from a young age, and it just always kind of fascinated me. And I love speaking the language and learning about the culture, 'cause its got of one of the richest and oldest history in the world. So I found it really interesting. So my expectation is to leave China with a better understanding of the culture and become proficient in the Chinese language."

In addition to Shanghai, the summer camp group also visited Hong Kong, Shenzhen, a city in south China, Xi'an in northwest China, Beijing and so on. Chen Xiaoyu believes it is necessary to summarize what they learnt during the trip after they return to the US to consolidate their understanding.

"After we go back, we'll see together and we'll summarize what we've learnt. We'll see what we have learnt even from some shortcomings. And then we'll make it better next year."

For CRI, I'm Xiao Yee.


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