Chinese Snake Year Comes
   2013-01-01 09:16:20      Web Editor: Liu Yuanhui

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2013 is the year of snake, and babies born in the year are said to be lucky and insightful. Many Chinese mothers-to-be are making preparation for their snake babies and the year of snake is about to trigger some zodiac related businesses. Our reporter Li Dong has the details.


When Mao Shuting became pregnant in May, her family was overjoyed - the baby will be born in the year of snake. Like most Chinese, they believe that this is auspicious.

Mao and a pianist attend a special yoga course for pregnant women twice a month together with some other 10 expectant mothers. She believes it will help them prepare for the delivery of their "snake babies."

"I was told baby born in the year of snake is gifted with artistic talent. My baby is going to be a Pisces, and Pisces are very artistic. My husband and I both work in the art industry, so I think it is such a blessing for us to have this snake baby."

The snake, one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac, is regarded as a symbol of insight and wisdom. Babies born in the year of the snake are also said to be influential.

Dong Yilin is one of China's most famous fortune tellers. He practices on the basis of China's ancient scripture Yijing. The Yijing is also known as Zhouyi, and is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts. Yijing origins can be traced back about 4,000 years.

Dong believes that people born in the year of snake are very determined and resolute about success.

"People who are born in the year of snake are very good at putting aside worries and moving on with life. For example, if we encounter some bad things like breaking up with friends, having problems at work or suffering a big loss in personal wealth, it might take a year for other people to recover, but it could take just one month for those who are born in the year of snake to get over it soon find their way to go for the next period."

The year of snake begins on February 10, 2013 and lasts until the January 30, 2014.

Although there is still more than one month to the start of the year of the snake, the Chinese have already started collecting snake coins for good luck.

Snakes coins are often made with gold, silver or other precious metals.

Chen Rui is the manager of a gold store in Beijing, and she says snake coins are already popular with collectors.

"Snake coins are perfect combination of Chinese traditional culture of animal signs and gold. They are mainly made of gold, silver and other precious metals, and they have a very high reserve value, so these snake coins are very popular among our customers."

Last year, the year of the dragon, more than 80-thousand dragon coins were sold. This year about 50-thousand snake coins are expected to be sold.

The UK's Prince William and his wife, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge expect their first baby in the year of the snake.

For CRI, I am Li Dong.


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