Poor Physical Fitness Worries University Students
   2012-09-27 19:22:54    Xinhua      Web Editor: Zhang

According to a recent physical fitness research report, Chinese college students are weaker than ever. Why aren't they as physical fit? Experts say that's due to several reasons, such as a dislike of physical exercise and a lack of gyms and sports facilities at universities. Recently, the Ministry of Education has been making efforts to change the situation.

Zhang Wan has more:


At Beijing Jiaotong University, some freshmen are jogging in their physical exercise class. However, only a few minutes later, one of the students Jiang Min lags behind and stops.

"When I was running longer, I felt dizzy. I'm not physically fit. I seldom exercise except when I'm in physical exercise classes."

Wang Jinlian is the class teacher and says the general physical fitness of college students today is not good. Statistics back her up. According to the General Administration of Sport, a nationwide study of student physical fitness done in 2010 found that college students were weaker than in 2005, when the last survey was conducted.

"When these students run about 1000 meters, three drop out due to low blood sugar. With only 29 students in this class, that means that 10 percent of the students fail the 1000 meter run. . It's such a high rate."

Some students say their poor condition is due to lack of exercise. Qiang Haixia, a college student in Tianjin, is one of them.

"I can have almost everything done through the Internet. Even when I want to buy clothes, I don't have to go shopping on the street. So I seldom get any physical exercise."

Liu Wenjie, another teacher, says being seated for the whole day is very common for students.

"Some students say they sit for more than 10 to 12 hours during week days, with very few physical activities. So it's not simply about insufficient physical exercise."

Some experts believe poor physical fitness of college students can't be blamed on insufficient exercise in college, but because of a bad attitude about physical education before students enter college. A man surnamed Yan who is the head of Beijing Jiaotong University says this:

"Before students entered college, most of them focused on how to maximize their score on the college entrance exam and neglected sports."

Some teachers say a majority of students don't have any hobbies and they don't enjoy playing sports.

A lack of gyms and modern sports facilities is another reason cited for the decline. In many universities, the facilities are far from meeting students' standards and needs.

The Ministry of Education is making an effort to change the situation. In the near future, students' physical fitness will be used to evaluate universities, given equal weight with standards for course development, scientific research and faculty, according to new regulations set forth in the Proposal on Strengthening School Physical Education. The proposal was jointly drafted by China's National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, and General Administration of Sports.

In the future, the results of students' physical fitness tests will be publicized and the physical health of students will influence overall university evaluations in order to improve the quality of physical education in universities.

For CRI, I am Zhang Wan.



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