Shark Fin Banquet Ban Pending
   2012-07-03 10:38:51      Web Editor: Liuyuanhui
Authorities announced that shark fin soup will likely be banned from official banquets in China within the next three years, CNTV reported on Monday.

The Government Office Administration under the State Council said that it will improve the management regulation to clarify the ban on shark fin consumption at official receptions. It also added that the cost of official receptions should be controlled and funds allocated to official banquets needs supervising and restricting.

The administration responded to a proposal by 30 National People's Congress deputies who called for shark fin to be removed from the menu at the official banquets.

Ding Liguo, a deputy to the National People's Congress proposed at last year's congress meeting that the country outlaw the shark fin trade in order to protect the ecological balance of the ocean.

According to, about 20 countries and regions have imposed regulations on slicing shark fins or commercial shark fishing. Any shark fishing in China needs to be licensed by the authorities in advance, and China has imposed import taxes on shark-related products since November, 2004.

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