Mail Delivery of Mooncakes Banned in Some Countries
   2011-08-31 16:22:56      Web Editor: Xu

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A number of countries have recently adopted rigid examination criteria for the mail delivery of mooncakes. Germany, France, Thailand, South Korea and many other nations have even imposed a ban on the delivery of mooncakes from China, the Strait Metropolitan News reported on Tuesday.

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, set to take place on September 12, many Chinese citizens are planning on sending mooncakes to their relatives and friends who live abroad.

However, Fujian provincial inspection and quarantine authorities remind citizens that they should be aware of quarantine regulations before sending mooncake parcels abroad, in order to avoid unnecessary financial loss.

There are three reasons for the screening of mooncake parcels outside of China. Firstly, some countries and regions, particularly the European Union, have rigid limitations on food additives; secondly, sending parcels abroad requires a transit period of at least one week, which could shorten the mooncakes' quality guarantee period; and finally, mooncakes are hard to examine. Many countries also have special regulations regarding the importing of mooncakes.

Countries and regions that impose conditions for mailing mooncakes include the United States, which demands that no egg yolks or meat be contained in the stuffing of mooncakes.

In addition, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, the EU, and Japan all impose strict conditions before permitting the entry of mooncake parcels sent from China, including the presence of relevant hygiene certificates and requirements related to the use of certain functional sweet additives and preservatives.


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