Police Rescue 22 Kidnapped Children
   2011-05-13 21:00:19    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Zhangjin
1. Shanghai Daily

Police in China have arrested 40 criminal suspects accused of being involved in child abduction in Yunnan Province and rescued 22 kidnapped children.

According to the Ministry of Public Security gang members involved in human trafficking were discovered kidnapping children in Yunnan and selling them in the southeastern Fujian Province.

200 Police officers from both provinces were involved in the raids leading to the arrests, which include some leading suspects and the rescue of the children.

China launched a campaign to crack down on kidnapping and human trafficking in 2009. Since then more than 13,000 abducted children and 23,000 women have been rescued.

2. China Daily

Its big news in many of the Western papers this week, that the rivalry between Facebook and Google is intensifying.

Facebook is now being accused of hiring a prominent public relations firm to try and plant stories harshly criticizing Google's privacy practices in leading news outlets.

Efforts backfired when the firm approached a blogger who not only declined the assignment, but also went public with the offer.

In a twist of fate, Facebook has now found itself having to answer questions about why it wanted to maintain its secrecy when investigating Google's service called Social Circle.

Facebook is claiming it never authorized or intended to run any smear campaign against Google but merely hired the PR firm to start investigations into how the new Google service was run.

3. China Daily

London's auction house Sotheby's has broken its record for Chinese art sales, raising over 20 million pounds or 34 million U.S. dollars.

Over 343-Chinese ceramics and art works, including an 800-year-old vase and a dragon seal used by Emperor Jiaqing were sold during the auction.

The record sales partly reflect rising interest in Chinese art works and antiques in the world auction market.

Most of the items on sale were antiques, with the oldest pieces including a jade axe dating back to the Neolithic period, which began in China around 12,000 years ago.

Notably, last November a 300-year-old Chinese porcelain vase, made during the reign of Emperor Qianlong was sold for 43-million pounds at an auction in London in November.

4. Global Times

The eye-popping hat worn by Princess Beatrice at Britain's royal wedding is to be auctioned to raise money for charity.

The famous creation which some say look like antlers will be sold on eBay and the proceeds will go to the charities UNICEF and Children in Crisis.

The hat was made by Philip Treacy, who designed many of the ladies' hats worn at the Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The unusual design of the beige hat had sparked a Facebook fan page called "Princess Beatrice's ridiculous Royal Wedding hat."


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