Ma Weihua Named E0Y Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 China Country Winner
    2012-11-10 07:14:46      Web Editor: haipeng
Ma Weihua, Bank President and CEO of China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd., has been named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 China Country Winner from the Chinese mainland.

13 outstanding entrepreneurs stand for a group photo as EOY 2012 China category winners. The 13 candidates have been drawn from a diverse range of industries, comprising emerging industries, media and entertainment, financial services, life sciences, consumer products, industrial products and services and their achievements through innovation have brought positive contributions to their industry and in the community. [Photo: Ernst & Young]

Ma Weihua, Bank President and CEO of China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd., has been named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 China Country Winner from the Chinese mainland.

In early 1999, Ma Weihua assumed the post of President. China Merchants Bank once had only RMB100 million in capital, 1 business outlet in a remote location of Shekou, Shenzhen, and slightly more than 30 employees.

Under Ma's strategic direction, China Merchants Bank has achieved tremendous growth, becoming a nationwide joint-stock commercial bank in China with a net capital exceeding RMB200 billion, total assets of more than RMB3 trillion, and over 900 outlets and nearly 50,000 employees.

The bank today is listed on the stock exchanges of both Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Ma Weihua's business philosophy is based on meeting customers' needs and pursuing innovation.

In 1999, China Merchants Bank took the lead in launching online banking in China as well as introducing two multi-function bank cards, Yikatong and Yiwangtong.

Additionally, Ma is responsible for the launch of China's first dual-currency credit card, which can be used worldwide, and the first wealth management product oriented towards high-end customers  (Sunflower Wealth Management).

The bank was also the first to offer a financial service package, with wealth management as its core product, for ultra-high-end private banking customers.

All of these products are part of the culture of innovation instilled by Ma Weihua, which continues to win market share and customers for China Merchants Bank.
Meantime, Michael Wu, Chairman and Managing Director of Hong Kong Maxim's Group was presented with the country award for the Hong Kong/Macau Region.

Michael Wu joined Hong Kong Maxim's Group in 1992. In the beginning, he gained experience working at the store and factory level and laid good foundation of managing a catering company.

In the last 10 years, Michael has become the chief force behind the transformation of Maxim's that used to run core business of Chinese restaurants, fast food and bakery shops to a diversified catering company.

Maxim's is now Hong Kong's largest food and beverage corporation and restaurant chain operating over 760 outlets while serving more than 600,000 people every day.

Michael's intuition and passion for the industry helped him to establish a new line of contemporary restaurants called m.a.x. concepts in 1998 including Cafe Landmark, Thai Basil, Simplylife etc.

Later in 2000, Michael introduced Starbucks to Hong Kong. He did not only bring in a coffee culture to Hong Kong, but also transformed the way people enjoy their free time.

In 2006, he led Maxim's to acquire Genki Sushi Hong Kong and later developed a Japanese Restaurant Chain that operates Genki Sushi, sen-ryo and Dondonya.

In recent years, Michael plans to use Maxim's existing networks and experience in Southern China to extend its presence.

By attracting the best and brightest from all industries, Michael also has a vision for Maxim's to become the "Best Managed Company" in Hong Kong.

Apart from delivering its guests the best dining experience possible, Michael's commitment also extends to contribute to the society, setting an exemplary model for many to follow. 

Ma Weihua and Michael Wu will be joining their global counterparts in a gala event next year to compete for the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur Of The Year awards.


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