Director Feng Xiaogang: Saying Sorry Is Necessary
The director responded to doubts raised over the ending of the film by issuing an apology.
'Personal Tailor' Premieres in Beijing
Director Feng Xiaogang says he simply wants to shoot a film that would make people feel happy.

Trailer of 'Personal Tailor' Pokes Fun at Feng Xiaogang
The teaser pokes fun at the director, comically expressing Feng's desperation in getting people to the box-office.
Feng Xiaogang on 'Personal Tailor'
The director told the actors to forget their formal training and free themselves up.

Ge You as the planner of daydream-come-true

Li Xiaolu as the designer of daydream landscapes

Bai Baihe as the designer of daydream plots

Zheng Kai as the helper of living-in-the-daydream

Around New Year's Day in 1998, Chinese director Feng Xiaogang released a comedy film called "The Dream Factory", starring actor Ge You. The film blazed a trail for hesui-pian, a genre of Chinese comedy films released around the New Year holidays.

For this coming New Year, the director brings "Personal Tailor", his 10th film with Ge You. Feng has said the new film is a tribute to "The Dream Factory".

Director: Feng Xiaogang
Screenplay: Wang Shuo
Cast: Ge You, Li Xiaolu, Bai Baihe, Zheng Kai, Fan Wei, Song Dandan, Miao Pu, Li Chengru, Li Yong, Wang Baoqiang
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Release Date (Chinese mainland): December 19, 2013
Synopsis: Four people run a company called "Personal Tailor", which provides tailor-made plans to help clients realize their fantasies. [Read More]

Feng Xiaogang, born in 1958 in Beijing, is one of China's most bankable filmmakers. Feng is credited for popularizing the genre "hesui-pian" (literally New Year Celebrations Films), with his comedy "The Dream Factory" blazing a trail... [Read More]