Zhang Jiayi: It's Relaxing to Cooperate with Zhang Yimou
   2013-11-06 17:42:15    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Zhao


(Audio from evening edition of "The Beijing Hour" on November 6th, 2013)

Chinese actor joins Gong Li, Chen Daoming in Zhang Yimou's new film "Home Coming."

Director Zhang Yimou announced Tuesday that actor Zhang Jiayi is working alongside Gong Li and Chen Daoming on his new romantic drama, "Home Coming."

Zhang Jiayi told reporters that he really wanted to work with the director, saying that he is trustworthy and creates a relaxing atmosphere on set that brings the best out of the actors.

"Home Coming" tells the story of Lu Yashi, played by Chen Daoming, and Feng Wanyu, played by Gong Li. Love eludes the two, as circumstances keep the two apart. When the opportunity finally presents itself, Lu meets with Feng, only to find out that she has an illness that doesn't allow her to recognize him. In an unyielding display of true love, Lu decides to stay with Feng and foster the relationship that escaped their grasp for so long.

The scrip hit home for Zhang Jiayi, as the actor expressed relating to the dilemma of the characters in the movie.

"It's like a thing that you long for for a long period of time. This happens to us very often. I've been acting for 20 years. Before the Spring Festival each year, I could not get back home to see my faimly. I want to get the best opportunity of calling home and to feel the warm atmosphere at home over the phone."

"Home Coming" is being produced by LeTV and was written by Zou Jingzhi and Yan Geling, who also penned Zhang Yimou's 2011 war drama, "The Flowers of War."