Interview: Sid Ganis, Former President of AMPAS
CRI's Xiong Siqi talks to Sid Ganis, former president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
Veteran Producers Explore Quality Films in China
A panel of veteran Chinese film heavyweights gathered to discuss how to make good films.
Russian Film 'The Major' Named Best Film
"The Major" was named Best Feature Film at this year's Golden Goblet Awards at the Shanghai Int'l Film Festival.

Song Xiaobai, Scriptwriter

Feng Xun, Tempo Communication Group

Lin Kai, Independent Producer

Zhou Yaowu, Director

Bai Qiang, CEO of 3D China

Maarten Melchior,

Helen Mirren Learns Local Slang in Shanghai

New Superman Movie Premieres

Basketball-themed Film 'Amazing' Premieres

Chow, Yen Promote 'Monkey King'

Opening Red Carpet: Jia Zhangke, Zhao Tao

Opening Red Carpet: Jing Tian, Donnie Yen

Red Carpet: Vivian Hsu and Huang Xiaoming

Andy Lau Arrives for Opening Ceremony

Tom Hooper Speaks at Opening Ceremony

'A Gun & a Ring'


'The Major'


'Mr. Morgan's Last Love'

'Taste of Poetry'


'I Am You'

'Under the Nagasaki Sky'


'The Stolen Years'

'Fists of Legend'
(South Korea)


'Legend No. 17'

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