Celine Dion to Sing for Chinese New Year
    2013-01-29 13:00:28     CRIENGLISH.com       Web Editor: Xie Tingting

Singer Celine Dion [Photo courtesy of celinedion.com]

Canadian singer Celine Dion will be in China on February 9, the Chinese New Year's Eve, to perform on China Central Television's Spring Festival Gala, the broadcaster has announced.

Dion will sing the Chinese folk song "Jasmine Flower" as a duet with top Chinese soprano Song Zuying. She will also perform a live version of "My Heart Will Go On", the "Titanic" theme song that made her known in China in 1997.

China Central Television's Spring Festival Gala is held annually and aired live on Chinese New Year's Eve, when people enjoy family reunions and get ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year, known locally as Spring Festival.

The gala usually features singing, dancing, skits, and magic and acrobatic performances.

Earlier this month, popular comedian Zhao Benshan, a regular skit performer on the show, quitted the 2013 gala reportedly because he was unsatisfied with the skit he had prepared. Instead, cross-talk performer Guo Degang will headline the show.

Other stars scheduled to perform this year include singer Leehom Wang, magician Liu Qian and actress Sun Li.



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