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'Detective Dee' Sweeps HK Film Awards
v 'Detective Dee' Sweeps HK Film Awards
v Nominees Warm up for HK Film Awards
v Tsui Hark Plans 'Detective Dee' Prequel
v 'Detective Dee' Leads Hong Kong Film Awards Nominees
v Movie Review: 'Monga'
v Cantonese Trailer for 'Bruce Lee' Released
v Zhang Yimou Premieres "Under the Hawthorn Tree"
v 'Detective Dee' Features Eyebrow-Bleached Carina
v "The Stool Pigeon" Releases Final Trailer
v "Reign of Assassins" Releases New Posters
v Repairing Wounded Souls
v 'City under Siege' Trailer
v Trailer Released for Tsui Hark's 'Detective Dee'
v Movie Guide: 'Gallants'
v Andy Lau Presents 'Gallants'
v 'Ip Man 2' Trailer

Categories Winners Categories Winners
Best Film 'Gallants' Best Director Tsui Hark
('Detective Dee')
Best Actor Nicholas Tse
('The Stool Pigeon')
Best Actress Carina Lau
('Detective Dee')
Best Supporting Actor Teddy Robin
Best Supporting Actress Susan Shaw
Best Screenplay Pang Ho-cheung, Heiward Mak ('Love in a Puff') Best New Performer Hanjin Tan
('Bruce Lee, My Brother')
Best Cinematography Peter Pau
Best Film Editing Cheung Ka-fai
('Ip Man 2')
Best Art Direction James Choo
('Detective Dee')
Best Costume and Make-up Design Bruce Yu Ka-on
('Detective Dee')
Best Action Choreography Sammo Hung
('Ip Man 2')
Best Original Film Score Teddy Robin, Tommy Wai ('Gallants')
Best Original Film Song Jun Kung
('Here to Stay')
Best Sound Design Wang Dan-rong, Zhao Nan ('Detective Dee')
Best Visual Effects Lee Yong-gi, Nam Sang-woo ('Detective Dee') Best New Director Felix Chong
('Once a Gangster')
Best Asian Film 'Confessions' Lifetime
Terry Lai


Winner: 'Gallants'
(Trailer )

'Detective Dee and the
Mystery of the Phantom Flame'

'Ip Man 2'
(Trailer )

'Reign of Assassins'
(Trailer )

'The Stool Pigeon'

Derek Kwok, Clement Cheng

Winner: Tsui Hark
('Detective Dee')

Wilson Yip
('Ip Man 2')

Su Chao-pin
('Reign of Assassins')

Dante Lam
('The Stool Pigeon')

Chow Yun-fat

Jacky Cheung
('Crossing Hennessy')

Tony Leung Ka-fai
('Bruce Lee, My Brother')

Nick Cheung
('The Stool Pigeon')

Winner: Nicholas Tse
('The Stool Pigeon')

Fiona Sit
('Break up Club')

Tang Wei
('Crossing Hennessy')

Miriam Yeung
('Love in a Puff')

Winner: Carina Lau
('Detective Dee')

Josie Ho
('Dream Home')