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Luoyang's Longmen Grottoes entered the age of "face swiping"

2018-08-31 15:01:19      Web Editor: Chen Ziqi

A visualizing interactive system of significant data has launched recently in Luoyang's Longmen Grottoes. Applying the concept of exploring Longmen without smart phones, this system called 'Longmen Smart Cloud Platform 3.0,' is a result of cooperation with Tencent Dayu Net. 'Poems in Longmen,' an interactive poem platform is launched at same time.

The Longmen Smart Cloud Platform restores the 3D images of every hill, river and buddha in Longmen Grottoes. It also connects the smart technology of face-scanning for ticketing purposes, thermodynamic diagram of stream of people, parking information and interactive traveling information to the system. To achieve the interaction between tourists and the platform, Tencent Dayu Net has also made Wechat pay accessible, created an audio tour and album for Longmen, making it an interactive experience in the system.

Research shows that more than 70 % of consumers in China relies only on their smartphones to finish the shopping process. The updates of mobile payment are driven by the development of artificial intelligence. Payment by facial recognition will become the next sector, since it has great investment potential and could possibly reinvent the payment method all over the country in many different fields.

Cao Fan, president of Tencent Dayu Net, said at a press conference stating that The Longmen Grottoes will become a smartphone-free scenic area. As early as October 2017, a face-scanning Wechat application has been launched in the scenic area, which helped visitors get rid of their reliance on their smartphones. In the future, Longmen Grottoes and Tencent Dayu Net will apply the face-scanning payment to the onsite catering, guide service and accommodation in the scenic area.

In addition, poetry of The Longmen Grottoes from the North Wei dynasty are included in the latest Poems in Longmen platform. Visitors can read the poems while exploring the scenic area and sahre the poems online. This platform offers a plethora of classic poems and shows visitors the charm of local traditional culture.


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