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Luoyang hosts sub-forum of the 2018 International Mayor's Forum on Tourism

2018-07-03 16:45:27      Web Editor: Chen Ziqi

A sub-forum of the 2018 International Mayor's Forum on Tourism has kicked off in Luoyang welcoming tourism's movers and shakers ranging from government officials, travel agents and notable historians from over 90 cities and 28 countries around the world;for a round table discussion on the advancement of tourism sector.

In his remarks, Zhang Zhiyun, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of People's Republic of China congratulated the success of the opening and addressed the crowd. He states that the culture is the nameplate upon which a city's tourism business is built while the latter is the carrier of the former. The Combination of these two will come out with an effect that surpass that of the equation "1+1=2".He hopes Luoyang as a host city can learn from other exemplary metropolises and fully tapped this hard-won platform to direct city's tourism development into a sustainable model.

Also in attendance is Liu Yuankang, the city's mayor welcomed guests in the sub-forum then briefed the local history and tourism status to the floor.He noted tourism is an undertaking from which beauty was discovered, jauntiness was created and happiness has been shared and it is also a bridge to pass on civilization, ideals and friendship exchange. He noted that hosting this forum has opened a window for Luoyang to flaunt itself to the outside world by setting up a platform where experts can mingle with each other freely. He concluded by nudging guests to seize this hospitable stay to look around the neighborhood and enjoying the magnificent landscape of this ancient capital.

Also in attendance were the vice mayor of Luoyang Wei Xianfeng; Liu Shijun, general secretary of the World Tourism Alliance;Jiang Jiding, director of Henan Tourism Bureau.


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