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Travel fanatics' opinions on tourism reform of Luoyang

2018-07-04 15:56:34      Web Editor: Chen Ziqi

As Luoyang hosts the sub-forum of the 2018 International Mayor's Forum on Tourism, scholars and travel fanatics have shared their unique insights on the city's tourism reform.


--Advertising Luoyang tourism

Travel agent Nicolas from Russia says:"The city Luoyang does not only have otherworldly landscapes and rich culture but the tourism administration has gone out of its way to humanize and intelligentize the sightseeing areas. After touring the Longmen Grottoes, I have witnessed through my eyes how the concerned bureau has transformed the sightseeing places into a digitalized one where guests can seriously enjoy the tech conveniences the internet has brought about.I will for sure introduce the city of Luoyang to more Russians after I go back to my country."   


--Nurturing new cultural tourism model

Zhanghui, director of Tourism in Beijing Jiaotong University believes that the key to a successful culture tourism does not only lie in the history itself but also in how it was presented. Other than the static historic storylines, culture experience requires the related parts to engage and appeal to customers'mindset,emotion,sensation and conduct by creating an ancient ambience while reinventing the plots through tech.

He also suggested Luoyang should dig deep into its cultural potentials by hyping the indigenous gourmet, the influence of ancient celebrities, notable DuKang spirit alcohol, the Luo River and Longmen Mountain faunas and floras, to complement the efforts of the city's tourism new model. Hopefully, through culture experience tourism, academic camp tourism, show business and sports extranvaganzas Luoyangs's tourism can be propelled to international standard.


--Telling good Luoyang stories by using internationally understood language.

Assistant CEO from Zhongjing Tourism Management Corporation advised that as we are designing cultural derivatives, one should be encouraged to embrace an international taste. Luoyang should,therefore, break away from its traditional tourism format that only advocate its long-lasting history, and instead beautify its image by jumping on the bandwagon which is hi-tech driven to give a compelling story through a global language.

An Junhao, a representative from South Korea, talked about his impression on Luoyang:"I heard about this city a long time ago but never had a chance to visit here. Luoyang is a very beautiful city filled with startling culture legacies and I hope to see more ingenious tourism products being invented to bolster the international influence of the city."





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