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Digital pilot center inaugurated in Luoyang

2018-07-04 16:58:35      Web Editor: Chen Ziqi

Nowadays, the digital pilot center of Luoyang Heritage of Sui and Tang dynasties has inaugurated in Dingding Men Heritage Park to let history "talk" for itself while"reviving"antiques.


Currently, the digital center is also well prepared to handle: distantly collected data that monitors and controls ambient temperature and air quality of antiques and the Heritage; the 3D printing technique for curious guests to manifest their ingenuity; tourists having a one-to-one communication on craftsmanship with intangible heritage inheritors; being guided around by VR glasses without being exposed to searing heat outdoors. 


We have been told that the digital center right now has established brotherhood with Luoyang Museum and Heritage administration to garner 3D numbers and fissures data from the Shipixie of East Han dynasty, the Buddhist Clay, the Tiantang and the Mingtang Heritages, laying a solid researching foundation for antiques protection and ancient heritage reservation.


According to sources that the digital center will utilize its advantages by adopting a"travel+education" model to deliver some history-related courses to students during educational outings. The municipality,therefore, hopes by holding these enlightening programs student can pass down genes of traditional fine Chinese culture and bring out their sense of ecofriendly duty. With more and more families and schools taking part, the pilot center is determined to become a place that link visitors and museums so to cultivate the public through education.



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