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Luoyang aims to build itself into the capital of museums

2018-05-08 16:18:32      Web Editor: Chen Ziqi

As one of the pillar projects of the 36th Luoyang Peony Festival, the World Capital Forum which lovingly detailed the preservation and inheritance work of cultural relics has been held in Luoyang. 


The density of 5000-year history of Luoyang is the major draw card for tourists, who come to learn the deep-buried stories emerged from the ebb and flow of Chinese dynasties.


Recently, Luoyang municipality is going full steam ahead to upgrade tourism industry to an upper notch. Striving at building Luoyang into the home of museums nationally, the local government has already completed the construction of 68 museums, including 19 state-owned museums and 49 private-owned ones. Luoyang is now home to the largest number of museums within Henan Province, and is fast becoming the China's capital of the museums.


If you roll out the map of these museums, a list of different periods of HuaXia civilization will lead you to a series of stories, including the cruelness of the empires, the tearful regrets of patriotic generals, heartbreaking concubines crying in the seamless palace or the glamour of dauntless warlords. The Dingdingmen Relic Museum marks the easternmost starting point of the Silk Road while the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal MuseumShanshan chamber),the Guanlin Temple Museum together with the Luoyang Folklore Museum (known as Luze chamber) allow you to retrace the footsteps of the 10,000-mile Tea Road from the Qing dynasty.The Zhougong Museum brings you back to the initial year from which the Chinese civilization flourished and Laozi museum is the place to go if you want to learn some of the pearls of wisdom of Taoism.


As the peonies are expressing themselves luxuriantly high and low, the local government is sending out its sincere invitation to friends from across the world to enjoy a cup of tea here. For civilians who are passionate about the mystery of ancient archeology, the 68 museums are not to be missed when you are meant for a genuine experience of the oriental charm.



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