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The 36th LuoYang Peony Festival opens at April 5th

2018-03-29 17:11:11      Web Editor: Chen Ziqi

The 36th Luoyang Peony Festival is set to kick off on April 5th and is expected to last until May 5th. In a bid to offer a unique visiting experience to all comers, the local municipality has been working on upgrading all major peony gardens that will be open to the public during the month long event. The revamp of additional scenic spots and service parlors should be finished by then.


As one of the crucial links of the progress, the "poetic archway" is under vigorous construction.


According to the superintendent of the program, the "poetic archway" will be inset with 50 marble tiles, engraved with peony sentences, carefully selected from a thousand ancient poems by the Luoyang Literacy Federation. Peony, a large pedal flower with an imagery of prosperity has long been esteemed as the Chinese national flower which has long been used by many famous poets among them, Libai and Liu Yuxi. In Tang dynasty, Libai wrote his famous QingPingLe poetry piece in which he likened peony to Yang Guifei, the then Emperor Xuanzong's favorite consort, to portray her gorgeous beauty. Liu Yuxi once accoladed peony in his poem "of all the flowers only the peony can stand for the magnificence of the Tang dynasty and the whole capital has been struck by its full bloom"



The completion of "poetic archway" is expected to be seen at the end of March before the project extends to establishing the Qiuweng meeting Peony Goddess Square, Yaohuang Gazebo and Nine-Color Tower in the National Flower Garden.Nearly 300 pots of peonies together with a hundred bonsais will be exhibited at the Luoyang Center Park(the Wangcheng Park).



In addition, intelligent applications will be introduced to facilitate and safeguard the festival. All the surveillance system of the tourist sites will be connected to that of the local police bureau as well as to that of the Luoyang Tourism Bureau in case that some crisis intervenes.  


Here is an interesting folktale that connects Luoyang to thepeony culture. 1400 years ago during the Tang dynasty, the Empress Wu Zetian, while she was touring her garden with escortsordered all the flowers to bloom in cold freezing winter All the other goddesses of flower, besides the peony goddess, feared  the empress's despotic power, all bloomed in an instant. Seeing peony disobey her command, the furious empress then demoted the peony goddess to move out of the then capital Xi'an to the city Luoyang. However, to the surprise of all nationals, the rich ore ingredients embedded in Luoyang soil such as molybdenum and zinc, essential for plants' growth, actually resuscitated the flourishing of peony. The Luoyang locals therefore fell in love with this flower and ever since, peony has been painted with a spirit of indomitableness






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