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Luoyang Promotes the Silk Road Culture

2017-08-18 14:05:35      Web Editor: Liu

Chinese academic and architectural design experts are stressing the need to elevate Luoyang city on the global scene and promote it as a key business and tourism destination.


Speaking at a Silk Road cultural exchange seminar organized by the Luoyang Tourism Development Group, the experts acknowledged the significance of Luoyang as a core urban center for the Silk Road culture exchange in China.


Luo Yubin an architect in the seminar pointed out the uniquely distinct historical and geographical advantages of the city, calling upon local authorities to build Luoyang as a Silk Road cultural exchange center that combines culture, business and leisure.


Historically, Luoyang is known as one of the capitals where the Silk Road began. It also was the hub city of the Silk Road Economic Belt.


Currently it also boasts many ancient cultural relics including ancient ruins of the Han and Wei Dynasties, the Dingding Gate of Sui and Tang dynasties and Hangu Gate of the Han dynasty.


Another attendee of the seminar, Ye Peng, himself a scholar added that Luoyang's Heluo culture is one of the most unique traditional Chinese cultures that need to be preserved; urging relevant stakeholders to pursue cultural innovation that will ensure it's survival.


Historian Po Shiyi at the same time also believes that Luoyang should be promoted as an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, in order to boost its global profile and to help people from around the world better understand the city's culture as well as its Silk Road history.


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